About the Fat Boi

I write about Food

Armed with a curious mind and hungry appetite, I go the extra distance for food. I don’t just wonder where good food is. I care about what food is made of and how.

Preserving Heritage

Food connects cultures, lifestyles and history. A dish consisting only of Chicken and Rice can be found in France, America, China, and all across South East Asia, and really anywhere. Each of them has their own variation, but they stay connected through techniques or ingredients, passed from generations throughout history. Each with a unique story to tell.

I care about who made that possible, why that happened, and when.

I want to write YOUR story

You know your food has a unique story to tell, but you don’t have time to research and craft provocative, meaningful content to build connections with audiences. Perhaps you are a food business owner, or perhaps you are a tired worker with a dying family tradition.

Engaging blog content, for you

I can write content specifically for your food:

  • Blog Content
  • Editorial articles
  • Research and fact checking
  • Marketing Materials
  • Custom Content

Contact me by clicking below, and maybe we can talk over cup of coffee, or tell me your story with your awesome food.

Or maybe you just want to tell me that I did a great job and you enjoyed the articles I wrote on my blog. That’s fine too. Send it all in. I’m interested to hear your voices.