awfully chocolate Original – An everyday chocolate cake

awfully chocolate Original – S$34 for 6″

  • 600g in weight
  • S$68 for 8″ (1.2kg)


Before I talk about the actual product itself, let’s talk about brand image. awfully chocolate as a brand name strikes to me as a simple, yet extremely focused brand. Chocolate is obviously at its core – bolded words and a clear focus on the chocolate product, as every display on the shop front is all about the cacao and its relevant desserts. Colour scheme? Simple black and white. It stands out to me as extremely focused.

But of course – chocolate by itself wouldn’t stand as a brand name. So you add the word awful, which by itself is a word with a negative literal meaning. Apply that to a product that is somewhat of a niche preference (chocolate), and suddenly that awful has a positive connotation.

When I see the design and brand names, I immediately think to myself as a chocolate lover that I will be getting a pure, unadulterated, intense sensation when the chocolate hits my mouth. The chocolate is not just strong, as hinted by the bold, it might also even drive people away because its so god damn strong, it is awful to the unappreciative. Chocolate lovers, however, will find that it is perhaps the best thing to exist ever – for only they can comprehend the goodness of the bitterness brought by the cacao bean.

Needless to say, I like the image that the brand exudes. But it is an image that was perhaps too strong, for it built up very high expectations.

1/8 Slice of cake from awfullychocolate, Original


Ingredients of awfully chocolate cake

On the box given for the cake, there is an ingredient label. Description and Ingredients are good. Simple. But then it stroke me as peculiar. Why do we need an ingredient label?

Turns out, awfully chocolate cakes are not produced in Singapore (this review was done in Singapore), but in Malaysia. I didn’t find an official, reliable source, but a thread on mycarforum gave information that the cakes were baked in Johor Bahru. Baked goods are best when they are fresh, although some leeway can be given for cakes, which depending on preference are good both chilled and fresh. The expectation then would be at the very least for the cake to be produced in Singapore, so being produced in Johor Bahru might be a bit of a concern, even if it is still quite close to Singapore.

Taste Test

Of course, being produced in Malaysia does not mean that it will be bad. But did it hit my high expectations that was created by the strong branding? No.

In a full bite of the 4 layers, what first hit me was the incredibly light and fluffy texture of the cake, which is contrasted by a jelly-like texture given by the chocolate fudge. The combination resulted in a much lighter taste than expectations, and instead it is a very muted chocolate bitterness that is spreaded across the large volume of cake. It wasn’t intense. It was light, averagely chocolate, though clean and simple.

As separate sections, the cake itself is incredibly fluffy, but the taste is nothing to write home about. As a chocoholic, it leaves more to be desired. The fudge rounds up the flavour profile, but again the chocoholic within me who wanted an intense punch to my gut from the chocolate wasn’t satisfied.

It just wasn’t intense enough.

And to add to that, there is a plasticky, somewhat metallic taste on the outer layer of the chocolate coating, which is characteristic of food absorbing odour from the fridge.

But despite my complains, awfully chocolate’s mission wasn’t to bring the most intense chocolate experience. From their about us page, the words go: “Something you would find yourself craving for regularly and never tire of.”

The next day eating the same cake, I find myself enjoying the cake more than I did the day before – it is easy to ingest more than 1 slice, and hard to get tired of – which completely fits their mission.

Rating for awfully chocolate Original

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


 awfullychocolate Original isn’t a cake I would travel too far for, but it is alright if it happens to be in the area, which it is thanks to the brand’s expansions and franchises.


I’m not entirely sold on this cake, especially if it is at the hefty price it is selling for. That said, I can see why people might like it. It is a chocolate cake for the majority or frequent eater of chocolate, but a disappointment for the hardcore. That, I can only blame on the brand’s excellent image that I misunderstood as a consumer.

But I’m just a fat boi… what do other people think?

awfully chocolate was a brand that got a lot of recognition through word-of-mouth, so naturally there are a lot of community reviews out there.

The Community

TheSmartLocal users give an average of 4/5 stars. Users that gave it an average or low rating didn’t find the original chocolatey enough. Users that tried other products seem to rate the Hei Ice Cream or butterscotch cakes higher.

HungryGoWhere ratings vary with different number of reviews, but is similar to TheSmartLocal. People that like it mention liking it for being able to eat multiple slices without feeling tired of it. Hei Ice Cream recommendations also came up more times.

TripAdvisor reviews are mixed. Reviews left for non-dessert things (like lunch) are generally bad. BUT again anybody mentioning the Hei Ice Cream highly recommends it.

A thread on SingaporeBrides forum seem to not like it too much, as it is not chocolatey enough. Mentions of a blogger selling cakes that supposedly got the best chocolate cakes (but the blogger apparently only sells to friends only… sad face).

A thread on MyCarForum seem to be disappointed in several aspects of awfully chocolate, citing standards dropping.


There are many stores around Singapore, and even overseas. You can even order their cakes online. Some are kiosks, some have seats cafe style.

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