Burgs by Project Warung – Cheap Quality Burger in a Hawker Center at Golden Mile Food Centre

The Classic

  • Single S$4.50
  • Double S$7.00 (my choice)
  • Comes with a serving of fries

Full menu can be found here.

Dissecting the Burger

Some pickled green chillis, Burg’s sauce, some bits of fried shallots and American cheese

Either the other people are much better than me at manipulating food for taking photos, or I happened to receive less toppings/condiments for my order. Almost all of them seemed to have better looking toppings. Maybe an advice I have for visiting the establishment is to bring along a camera.

Other half of the cheese slice
And then nothing

Reviewing the Burger

Start off with the fries. They were crispy, thick-cut, and had a soft potato center. Classic, standard fries that are well-fried, but a little lacking in the seasoning. Definitely needed more salt.


Done-ness of beef wasn’t asked, but the result is about medium-well. The picture probably looks poorer than it actually tastes, as the patty had good flavour and were salted about right. Buns were fluffy and served as a good catchment for excess meat juices. However, I would have liked more toppings.

Rating for Burgs’ Classic Burger

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


This is a strict upgrade over your fast food chain’s burgers. That said, I would be hard pressed to consider travelling far to eat this. A short walk. Queue times are also apparently pretty long at certain times.

I should also mention that it is halal, though I am unaffected by this.


At the price, I got slightly more than expected. It is a quality burger, though perhaps not quite gourmet.


Has 2 locations. Both have different menus. The one at Viva Business Park is also more expensive, probably due to location.


505 Beach Road, B1-24. Singapore 199583

Phone 9154 4038

Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Sunday
11.30AM – 2PM
5PM – 9PM
Or until sold out


Centuries Food Court. 750 Chai Chee Road
#01-19. Singapore 469000

Phone 9114 6072

Monday – Sunday
11.30AM – 8.30PM (last order)
Or until sold out

But I’m just a fat boi… what about other people?

In general, people liked it for its value for money but some don’t think it is worth the long queue.

The Media

MissTamChiak does seem to like it.

ieatishootipost gave it 4/5. Has potential.

SethLui thinks that it is on the cusp of achieving something special. Elevates the benchmark for great and affordable food.

SuaraMagazine went through some of the owner’s history. Like.

TheHalalEater Affordable. Answered the call for creating burgers that are anything but ordinary.

TheHalalFoodblog liked it.

TheDeadCockroach One of the must-try at Golden Mile Food Center.

AllAboutCeil had a short conversation with some of the chefs/owners. Better than fast food……………………………………………………………..

The Community

Google reviews thinks the place is great. 4.6/5 (Golden Mile) and 4.5/5 (Viva la). 1 or 2 reviews share my sentiment for the fries needing more seasoning.

Facebook reviews gave it 4.7/5 with 118 reviews.

Burpple (Viva Business Park) thinks that it is value for money.

Burpple (Golden Mile Food Center) almost unanimously thinks that it is very good value for money, with some saying it is a must try. Many mentioned they will be back. Ranked in Burpple’s Top 100 Hawkers in Singapore.

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