Master Shifu (Chuan Yang Ji) – Delectable Mutton Soup Set in Food Courts

Chuan Yang Ji does have its small share of media attention (in the pic below you can see some newspaper clippings on the left), but during the lunch hours, their Master Shifu stall in Toa Payoh’s Koufu doesn’t seem to be that popular.

Regardless of the reason for that, the stall offers Sichuan style mutton soup, one that is of very good quality. At the time of eating it, I did not expect to want to write about it, which is why I only took shitty pictures and stole this pic from a nice Chinese blog post.

I stole this. I only ate the middle one 🙁

Chuan Yang Ji Master Shifu Mutton Soup Set – SGD$6.50

  • Mutton Soup
    • Lamb Ribs
    • Bok Choy
    • Cellophane Noodles
    • Tofu
    • Soup
  • Spicy pickled Cabbage
  • Si Chuan Chilli sauce
  • White Rice

Everything in this set seems to just enhance or work around the lamb taste (their website says they use lamb, even though they say it’s mutton soup…) to bring out its flavour. If you like the distinctive taste of lamb, you will like this soup set. It is also a very well balanced meal, with good portions of carbs, proteins and green.

The soup has a clear distinct and uncomplicated lamb taste. Herbs were used in the cooking but you really don’t taste much of it. What you have is a very good lamb broth with its key lamb flavour being brought out. Tofu, cellophane noodles and bok choy are coated by the soup and taste very similar to the soup, overpowering the subtle flavours that these ingredients have.

Of course, we can’t forget about the tender, fall off the bone meat. Again, very uncomplicated lamb taste. Until you dip it in the chilli sauce. I can’t help but feel that the chilli sauce was made solely to pair with the lamb meat. There is good balance of flavours that pronounces the lamb taste while bringing a little extra bit of spice, salt and sour. While the spicy level is relatively mild, it is quite irritable to the throat. Fortunately, the mutton soup is also great at cleansing your throat of the spicy, creating a cycle of “soup > meat > chilli > soup” in your meal.

It has been days since I ate it, but the flavours of the set still lingers in my mind. I definitely do want to try more from this stall.

There is nothing much to be said about the rice and pickled cabbage. The cabbages are slightly spicier than I expected, since they don’t look the part, but they have a pretty standard vinegary taste. White rice is welcomed as a side, but I feel that it is not necessary as the soup has cellophane noodles itself. Although while I call myself a fat boi, I am a relatively light eater.

Rating for Mutton Soup set:

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


I would be willing to travel a small distance for this. On another note, this food stall has served as a good advertisement for the main branch, which I now have high expectations of.


It was totally worth the price. I got more than what I expected and the quality is above what I wanted. Mutton soup is also not super common in food courts or hawker centers, so this stall being in a good location is certainly a very welcomed addition for me.


Master Shifu 大师傅

500 Toa Payoh Lorong 6
#02-30 HDB Hub
Singapore 310500

But I’m Just a Fat Boi… What about others?

It is actually pretty difficult to find reviews for the Master Shifu stall, although there are a decent amount out there for the Chuan Yang Ji branches. Reviews are really positive and seem to be even better for Chinese reviewers.

番薯游新加坡 (potato tours Singapore XD. They are apparently a travel agency) have very good impressions for pricing, taste, portions and speed of servings. Also, there is this image for AFTER lunch hours. So maybe the other stall at JEM is more popular.

新加坡头条 Have very favourable impressions for the main branches and slotted in the addresses for the food court branches.

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