CP Mexican Wing – Delicious but not as healthy as marketed

CP Brand Mexican Wings – SGD$5.50

  • 350g pre-seasoned fried chicken drumlets, about 8 pieces
  • That’s about 70 cents per chicken drumlet

My original plan was to use the brand website’s product picture, but apparently they didn’t have it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Opening the package reveals 8 pieces of drumlets, despite the name of the product being wings. But I think I can forgive them on this point because the picture clearly shows drumlets. In fact the picture is also really accurate in terms of both the looks and quantity of the drumlets.

On hindsight, I should have cut these open to see if they are pre-cooked. The skin is not crispy now, but the cooking times (5-6 mins deep fry, 9-10 air fry or oven) suggests that these are probably pre-cooked.

The package recommends Deep-fry, Air-fry or oven-frying. I’ll be using air fry because it is the easiest option if you have one. That goes into the air fryer for 10 minutes, 180C.

After air frying, some of the oil have dripped from the chicken.

I’m pairing these wings drumlets with a side of french beans and sweet potato fries for lunch.

These drumlets smell like McWings. Look like McWings. Taste like McWings. Crisp like McWings. If you put these in a McDonald’s box and served them to me, I will probably be fooled. But of course it is not a side by side comparison and is based on my memory, so I could be wrong and they just use really similar spices.

Drumlets tastes a little spicy from the chilli powder, and there is good salty, savoury flavour in the meat and coating. Skin is also crispy and not greasy. Tastes good!


But of course, with pre-packaged food looking at the nutrition values is extremely important.

First things, always look to the sodium values. At 720mg of sodium per 100g (2 drumlets), that’s really high when the recommended sodium values are about 2300mg per day. Eating my serving I have already clocked more than half my daily intake. Cholesterol is also god damn high at 96mg per 100g, compared to the recommended 300mg per day.

Ingredients list also has various chemical ingredients, rather than whole food ingredients. All in all, nutrition facts does not look great. But these are fried chicken, which aren’t healthy in the first place.

Rating for CP Mexican Wings

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


If my local supermarket has these in stock, I am totally okay with buying these for when I don’t feel like battering my own fried chicken. Do take note that it is still cheaper to cook your own, so don’t take these as complete replacements if you do cook.


 I got exactly what I expected. There is no breaking of expectations; this is a good frozen food product that tastes great, but isn’t breaking paradigms by being healthy or better than fresh food.

But I’m Just a Fat Boi… What about others?

Aroma Cookery Oven baked them and liked it.

Camemberu Also liked it. Definitely going to buy more.

RedMart reviews are very positive and most users highly recommend it, with 1 user saying the package cooking instructions did not work.

While the opinions of others’ seem to be that this is really good, none of them have talked about the actual nutrition content but instead focused on the no preservatives part of the product.

This product is marketed as no preservatives, high in protein and 0g trans fat, which are technically true, but you should in no way use them as reasons to say that this is healthy food. The actual nutrition values are still unhealthy for recommended standards. It is also important to judge these nutrition facts based on your needs rather than what the producers market them as. A body builder who requires more fat and does not mind higher sodium content for example, will find this a great product.

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