CP Pork and Chicken Gyoza – Value Frozen Gyozas

CP Pork and Chicken Gyoza with Chive – S$5.90

  • Contains 20 gyozas and a packet of gyoza sauce
  • That’s S$0.295 per gyoza

First impressions – that’s way too little sauce for 20 gyozas. Gyozas themselves look pretty well-wrapped and packaged.

The package does say we can pan fry, deep fry, steam or boil them from frozen. So I’ll be pan frying as well as using the air fryer to see how it turns out. By the way, there are no instructions to preparing the gyoza sauce, so clearly the sauce is a pretty forgotten product.

If you look carefully you’ll realize that there’s some gyozas which are clearly yellowish in color and not green. That’s not your eyes being old that’s just another gyoza flavor which I will also be reviewing in this post.

Both turned out to be nicely fried by following package instructions. Except the air fry one, which I used common sense to adjust and fry.

Eating the gyozas, I immediately notice that the fillings were not evenly distributed. Some bites were more meaty, and some had a heavier chives flavor.

As for the taste, it certainly doesn’t taste bad, but there is nothing spectacular about the gyozas. It tastes rather basic, and if I wanted better gyozas I probably would make a bunch myself instead. The skin is rather thick, so the mouthfeel suffers a bit from being a bit doughy.

Air fried and pan fried tastes about the same, but pan fried takes on a bit of the oil’s flavor. Air fried is however less oily, so it is good if you just want to reduce a little bit of oil.

It is true that there is very little sauce, although I am doing CP a slight disservice here, since somehow the angle showed even less sauce than it looked in real life. The gyozas themselves pair decently well with the sauce, especially since I have mentioned the gyozas themselves taste pretty basic. The sauce tastes almost like Worcestershire sauce, but sweeter. Vinegar-ish with a high sweet profile and a little bit of saltiness.

Nutrition values:

Looking at the ingredients it’s pretty clear why the gyozas tastes pretty basic. There’s really not much additional seasoning other than salt, pepper, sugar and sesame oil. Ingredients do look pretty good with lots of whole food ingredients.

Looking at nutrition facts, nothing really alarming stands out. Sodium levels might be a bit worrying depending on your intake required and other things you eat with the gyoza, but otherwise this level is relatively healthy.

Pork and Chicken Gyoza with Suki Sauce Review

No idea why they gave 2 packets of sauce here… but the amounts is still not very generous

There were 2 gyozas stuck together, but otherwise the condition of the gyozas look great.

This pack of gyoza had the same problem with uneven fillings. You can compare the pictures above to below:

The filling had a more meatball like texture. Some bites are good. Some bites don’t give as much flavor. I preferred this gyoza over the chives one since it had more flavor. Although, nothing spectacular as well.

As per the previous flavor, air fried and pan fried doesn’t make much of a difference. Skin is also thick.

Suki sauce

Sauce is a Thai chill sauce. It’s sweet and sour with a lot more sour notes, which is different from the Thai sweet chill sauce that is more common. This doesn’t actually pair that well with the meat filling as it overpowers the gyoza’s flavor, but I think this might go well with seafood.

Nutrition values:

As per above, lots of whole food ingredients, but now there is more ingredients giving flavor (as well as artificial flavor enhancer).

What is really surprising is the super low sodium content. It’s almost 1/4 of the previous flavor. Kind of confused by the values, but low sodium isn’t necessarily a bad thing today.

Rating for CP Pork and Chicken Gyoza with Chives AND CP Pork and Chicken Gyoza with Suki Sauce:

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


icon of a man lying down

Very basic taste and not having enough sauce… really nothing worth leaving the house for unless you happen to see it on the supermarket.


Even though there’s nothing special about it, for 30 cents a gyoza it’s a value pack. I got everything as expected, but they didn’t wow me in anyway. It is however a very decent product.

I would prefer the one with Suki sauce, but my opinions don’t differ too much that it is enough to affect my ratings.

But I’m just a fat boi… What about other people?

Jermaineee didn’t try it, but her parents love it and will probably stick with the CP brand.

Other than that, there really isn’t much reviews, but apparently there are a lot of good reviews for CP’s Chicken Gyoza. Hmmm… maybe that is what I’ll be trying soon.

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