DAISO Black Caramel – Sesame flavoured bamboo charcoal candy

DAISO Black Caramel – S$2

Supermarkets usually have their own brand of goods, and DAISO, one of the Japanese 100 yen shops, is no different.

Packaging is rather attractive for people who like black. Aye, that’s me.

Turning around reveals that this is a sesame flavoured caramel with bamboo carbon black powder. Bamboo carbon black powder, or Bamboo Charcoal, is tasteless and odorless so it’s really just used to make things look cool and black. Like that Goth ice cream thing and maybe some cakes or bread. Some claim that there are benefits, but as far as I know there isn’t really a scientific backing to those claims.

8 candies

With 8 candies in a pack, that’s S$0.25 per candy.

These candies are actually pretty huge. Basically the size of my thumb.

What hits me first is a strong sesame flavour, and then a very sweet milky flavour which is classic of milk candies. Despite the size, it chews and melts pretty easily and doesn’t feel too large. As a sesame caramel I would prefer if the sesame flavour were stronger like in a sesame paste or Zhi Ma Hu, but the candy is not too bad for people who like a sweeter candy rather than an aromatic nutty one. And as mentioned, Bamboo is tasteless so I didn’t taste anything else special.

Rating for DAISO Black Caramel

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


These ain’t too bad if you are nearby a DAISO and wanna grab an extra packet of sweets or something. I’d be willing to put in a little effort to find these if I’m near one. The problem would be the queue that DAISO usually has. So maybe grab a couple of other items as well to make your queuing worth it.


I got everything I expected, nothing more nothing less. A very decent product.

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