Dumpling Cafe Review, Thomson Plaza – Great Food, Bonkers Value

Have you ever had value so great when buying something, you thought that YOU were the one earning money instead of the seller? When I stumbled upon this Fave deal and ordered it I had an inkling of that feeling. And the other time I did feel like that was this other time at The Grumpy Bear Bistro at Macpherson Mall.

2 Main Courses, 2 Drinks – S$21.80

  • Main course (choose 2):
    • Chicken breast (eggs Benedict)
    • Smoked duck (eggs Benedict)
    • Mushroom (eggs Benedict)
    • Mala chicken breast (grains)
    • Black pepper smoked duck (grains)
    • Mashed century eggs (grains)
    • Homemade salmon and avocado (grains) (+$3)
    • Homemade mala beef (grains) (+$3)
    • Chicken breast with mushroom noodle soup
    • Cold noodles
    • Chicken breast garden salad
    • Smoked salmon garden salad
    • Black pepper smoked duck garden salad
    • Homemade mala beef (sandwich)
    • Homemade salmon with avocado (sandwich)
    • Cucumber with mala chicken breast (salad)
  • Beverages (Choose 2):
    • Espresso (hot)
    • Long Black (hot / cold)
    • Flat White (hot)
    • Latte (hot)
    • Cappuccino (hot)
    • Root beer
    • Ginger beer
    • Lemon lime
    • Can drinks (Coke, A&W, 100 plus, yogurt drink)
    • Ice lemon tea
    • Ice honey lemon
    • Ice honey apple cider vinegar
    • Ice zucchini refresher
    • Ice blackcurrant cooler
    • Ice watermelon juice

Of course, a promotion for a cafe called “Dumpling Cafe” without dumplings being involved is a disappointment, but what I got was yet another great deal. For whatever reason they changed the terms for the Fave deal from when I ate there, being available only from 3-9pm Mon to Fri now. Another difference was that I was able to snag any beverage instead of the ones shown, which I abused.

Dumpling Cafe

Mala Chicken Breast (Grains) – U.P S$13

With Mala there, you can’t expect the dish not to be spicy. Spicy levels are about medium, enough to let someone who don’t regularly go for spicy food sweat and reach for the water, though the spice is concentrated in the spicy seaweed salad and chicken breast.

And the chicken breast. God damn is it tender. Bite into it and you would think you are eating some sort of minced chicken patty. It’s not. You think you are eating chicken thighs. You’re not. It’s chicken breast perfection that puts shame to my cooking skills and choice only to cook thighs. Holla up there! Chicken breast = flavourless you be thinking. And that’s where you’re god damn wrong again because this chicken breast is perfectly seasoned with the Mala contributing the spicy kick to it.

And to think that after ordering, less than 5 minutes and I got my bowl! What kind of time machine did they use?

What about the rest of the bowl? Fortunately a bowl can only destroy my dreams of becoming a chef so little. The rest of the bowl is about average but well cooked. Mushrooms and bell peppers are sauted in a basic manner, having crunch for the peppers and good earthy flavour with the mushrooms. Rice is great, fluffy and being lightly oily from the rest of the condiments, which gives it great flavour. Egg was the only disappointment. Seaweed salad is spicy, but mix it with the rice and is it delicious.

Dumpling Cafe

Chicken Breast Baked Rice – U.P S$13

Maybe you don’t like the spice, and that’s okay. Because they gotchu with this baked rice.

Essentially the same ingredients as the Mala Chicken Breast, but without the Mala and adding some cheese. Cheese itself is actually added nice umami to the baked rice. And you thought the chicken is a gonna without the Mala but the chicken itself also tasted well seasoned and equally as juicy.

Banana Mango Avocado Milkshake – S$7

They updated the deal but I made god damn sure to abuse that by snagging the most expensive Beverage when they said I can order any. At this point I thought I got them. HAH I got more than my money’s worth with this milkshake. And then I realised that this milkshake contained less Mango and Avocado than expected. If this was named Banana Milkshake and handed to me I would have drunk it and not noticed much of a difference, and maybe just thought “hmm.. it feels like something a little bit more than bananas”. Regardless, as part of the Fave deal shits a steal, but at S$7 a piece I ain’t buying this as a Banana Mango Avocado Milkshake.

Banana milkshake is very thick, creamy and delicious though.

Hazelnut Latte – S$5

I had to double check the receipt for this one. I didn’t taste too much of the Hazelnut here. But it is a decent cup of coffee.


Workers are young people, but it seemed like they had worked here pretty long. So in terms of service expect the usual for young but experienced workers; maybe a bit chatty here and there, but mostly gets the work done when it needs to.


301 Upper Thomson Rd #01-57 Thomson Plaza, Singapore 574408

Rating for Dumpling Cafe

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


The place is at Thomson Plaza, a few bus stops down Marymount MRT. Completely worth the effort to travel there if you are a few bus stops away. Food is great. However, the food as I tasted didn’t exactly make my mind explode.


For food. Did I mention how juicy that chicken was? Based on full price, I would still be willing to pay that S$13. Maybe I frequent shitty restaurants, but even at S$13 not many restaurants or cafe get chicken breast right.

For drinks. Normal stuff here. Full price rating.

Needless to say the Fave deal is just absolutely bonkers and gets 5/5.

And with all that, it is time to present my best art work: The fat boi approval badge.

Holy smokes! Get me some of that sweet moolah!

As mentioned you can get the sweet discount just right here.


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to sign up for Fave you get to give me 2 flipping dollars on Fave?

Sorry, I meant you get 2 dollars discount on your first Fave purchase?

But I’m just a fat boi… What do other people think?

The Media

Eatbook rated this 8.5/10, but as an independent review. As this is not a paid review I deem this review trustworthy.

MissTamChiak made an anonymous visit. Apparently dumplings not too well received here.

The Community

Burpple makes the place seems like an above average cafe.

Google Reviews have them at 4.3/5 with 15 reviews. Minus points reasons are bad service (1 review gave 2 stars for that).

It may seem like I’m overselling the chicken breast at Dumpling Cafe like it is the literal resurrection of Jesus Christ. But one Luke Phang on Google reviews said the following:

“Tried their chicken breast noodles and I must say, I have never known chicken breast can be so nice. The variety of dumplings they have are awesome too.”

Overall, it seems like the dumplings are hit or miss with people, being a little lacking on the flavours. But the chicken is well received. Perhaps this cafe should be renamed Chicken Breast Cafe.

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