FatBurger Review Singapore – Ain’t making me fat

The burger is dry. It felt like that was all there is to say for the review, but there are more things to rant about.

With a name like FatBurger, it is a disappointment for the Fat Boi.

Despite having a clean and simple website, there is nothing to be found about the menu on FatBurger’s page. All we had to rely on were bloggers and other social media to rely on for price information and menu. Perhaps hiding prices are a scheme that drives sales, but it makes for a sad customer.

The Menu

FatBurger SG Menu

The menu isn’t much to complain about. Relatively straightforward, though a bit high priced for fast food standards. Add S$4 to make a burger “fat”, which is to make a meal by adding fries and soft drinks. Pretty cool naming. Burgers can have 5 choices of add-ons, for S$1 each (cheese, beef bacon, egg, chili, onion rings).

FatBurger SG Menu

But honestly, “Hand-scooped real ice cream milkshakes” are about the dumbest names for naming milkshake. How else are you gonna scoop ice cream? Ice cream being “real” or not doesn’t make allow us to tell anything about the ice cream. At the price of S$5.90 it is more than just a concern if my milkshake isn’t made with real ice cream.

FatBurger SG Menu

They also offer buffalo wings at different spice levels and non-beef options.


Staff here is pretty young and inexperienced, just like normal fast food. At this point, I pretty much already have an idea that whatever quality of burger I am getting is subjected to the underpaid worker’s dedication to burgers at the point of ordering. After ordering, I also took nearly 20 minutes waiting for my food. For a fast food restaurant that timing is unacceptable.


FatBurger SG Burger

Takeaway burgers came in these boxes, which were then wrapped twice.

FatBurger SG Skinny Burger

Skinny Burger – S$7.50

FatBurger SG Burger

With the skinny burger being entirely made up of the burger sans the buns, the beef better be good. It isn’t. One look and it’s clear that the meat is dry and overcooked. Tasting further proves this. No good condiments or toppings can salvage this. When I ordered the skinny burger I didn’t expect “skinny” to refer to the consumer, because this is a burger to avoid eating.

FatBurger SG Burger

FatBurger Single Original – S$7.90

  • I added all the toppings except onion rings for S$4, making the burger S$11.90

Dissecting the Burger

FatBurger SG Burger

The burger looks pretty faithful to the following diagram, but one has to wonder if the S$1 I paid for each extra add-on is worth it.

FatBurger SG Burger

Cheese is pretty well glued to the bun and patty. When trying to pry the patty it got destroyed. Pretty strange occurrence considering not much cheese is visible.

FatBurger SG Burger

With the bun, the texture of the burger is slightly salvaged. But the same as the skinny burger, the meat has been overcooked beyond redemption and nothing else can make the burger taste good. It is a genuine shame because the meat had a robust beefy flavour. I can only hope that most of these beef used in this restaurant isn’t completely gone to waste, and that I just happened to get a trainee cooking my food.

If you for some reason decide to eat the Quad Burger, you can get a certificate for finishing it and enter a sort of hall of fame, as evidence:

But the real challenge doesn’t come from not being able to finish the burger because it is big. It is only because it is bad, and with 4 patties it is probably 4 times as bad as the Single.

FatBurger SG Fries

Nothing special about the fries. You can ask for Fat fries (as shown) or skinny fries. Underseasoned and pretty waxy compared to most fries you can find. Some of the oil had also seeped inside the interior. Despite that, the skin isn’t at a crispy perfection but only lightly crisp. This means that the fries were probably cooked at a longer time and lower temperature than required.

FatBurger SG

In addition, for my takeaway I had also received a mystery box (I don’t know why). Before I open it I have to complain about the box. Why is the “Franchise Opportunities Available” shown here? It just makes no sense for that design to be here.

FatBurger SG Buns

The contents turned out to be buns that I didn’t ask for, though I guess they could be used for the Skinny burger for a “normal” version now. Top bun is also slightly burnt.

Rating for FatBurger SG

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


icon of a man lying down

I really want to like a brand that has “fat” in it’s brand, but I just can’t. It’s not good. The chain wouldn’t be making me fat because of eating their burgers. It’s making me fat because it’s making me laze around instead of being motivated to go outside to eat.


For the price, I could have just ate at McDonald’s twice at an average and consistent quality. Really bad value here. But for what it is worth, the restaurant isn’t completely shit. The place looks and feels good as a somewhat traditional fast food place. However, nothing can replace the terrible beef patty, especially for a burger joint, and it deserves only 1 point here.

But I’m just a fat boi… What do other people think?

The Media

AllAboutCeil had a similar negative experience. Bad patty, over priced.

EatBook rated it 7/10. Media tasting.

Mitsueki had a media tasting and liked it.

SgFoodonFoot had a media tasting. Liked it.

The Community

Burpple has about 6 reviews at this time. Burpple works a bit different from other communities in that members with higher amount of reviews can be invited to tastings. The 5 negative reviews have at least 2000+ reviews (enough to be invited) and the one negative review had about 5 reviews on the account’s belt. Just put two and two together.

The media tastings do seem to like the burger, and it seemed like someone else (from overseas?) was in charged of that. Perhaps they weren’t able to transfer the quality over to the new staff here, which is a severe disappointment.

3 thoughts on “FatBurger Review Singapore – Ain’t making me fat

  • 25 September, 2018 at 12:43 pm

    I can’t agree with you more after I tried it. Super dried patty of the signature burger, tasteless fried chicken burger, smelly oil that used to fry the onions rings.
    Horrible waiting time (~1 hour) from queue to food arrival.
    Lousy management in terms of seating, staffs don’t allow u to ‘chope’ seats. You are expected to find your seat after you order your food.

    • 25 September, 2018 at 12:54 pm

      Damn. 1 hour? When I visited the branch in Kinex I didn’t feel that the service was bad, though the food was definitely slow.

  • 8 October, 2019 at 12:42 pm

    I liked it. Paya lebar joint here. You cannot get a big burger in Singapore anywhere, it seems protein is forbidden or sinful. I find it expensive but meat here is like some luxury good, so I would have it again. Awesome with the fired egg. I had the quad one and could have another one. Any other burger joint that does big no nonsense classic burgers you can recommend?


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