Fried Chicken Master (Serangoon NEX) Review

Salted Egg Crispy Chicken

  • Bought with Fave, as a set with Fries and Drinks for 2 people at S$11.00
  • U.P is S$17.60, though this particular Fave deal seems to be over 🙁
  • Choice of Drinks:
    • Kumquat Lemon
    • Lychee Tea
    • Roselle Tea
    • Earl Grey Milk Tea (+S$0.50)

Fried Chicken Master is a Taiwanese fast food chain that opened it’s first Singapore branch at NEX (Serangoon). The branch in NEX is pretty squeezy, while there are seats, it is more like a Kiosk. Very suitable for takeaway since it leads right to the MRT station.

Interior of Fried Chicken Master, NEX
From their Facebook page

You can find out more on their ongoing deals and menu items on their Facebook, especially since the place seems FLOODED with promo sets and deals. In fact, the Buy 1 Free 1 Chicken Thigh with Roselle Tea on Fave for S$6.60 is the same deal offered at the store without Fave.

Regular Menu

Honestly, the menu is pretty confusing since they don’t actually tell you anything about what to expect of the chicken. What the hell is Cutie Jimbo? I guess Cutie means that the chicken pieces are small, but what kind of taste am I expecting? According to Namhj,  Lovely Jimbo ($5) uses breast meat, Running Jimbo ($4.80) has the thigh and the Flying Jimbo ($3.80 for 2pcs) are wings, though the marinate is the same. Jimbo refers to 金宝 pronounced in the Hokkien dialect, meaning “golden treasure” in Chinese. It is claimed that only fresh chicken is used.

The set came in a box like this, still greasy from oil and with a conveniently tucked stick. Already looks great as an option for takeaway.

Chicken itself is good and very flavorful. The salted egg set seems to be using the Cutie (Cutesy? Cutey?) jimbo, since it is chicken pieces rather than a whole steak. Well coated with the sauce, and not overflowing with sauce that it takes away from the crispiness of the skin. Chicken itself is very lightly battered, but well seasoned. Salted egg sauce is a bit on the sweeter side, and is unexpectedly less salty.

In fact, looking at the sauce you can see what seems to be sugar crystals.

Salted egg flavor is very distinct, and despite being something that can be called “sweet egg chicken”, it is not anything less than advertised and I am impressed with both taste, freshness and portions.

Crispy Fries – S$4.00

Fries are lightly spiced, but are perfectly fried and crisp, with the skin still intact. Interestingly, some compare this to the taste of McDonald’s prosperity twister fries.

Earl Grey Milk Tea – S$2.50

The earl grey milk tea is quite different, as the Bergamot scent is quite prominent, and is felt almost immediately through the back of my throat. In most earl greys that I drink, the Bergamot is sort of like a perfume that sticks at the back of my nose. The tea leaves are apparently sourced from Sri Lanka.


23 Serangoon Central, NEX, #B2-48A

Rating for Fried Chicken Master

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


I took a slight detour to end up at NEX in order to use my voucher, and I don’t really regret it. The location is also pretty accessible already.


With their regular promotions, I think I got everything that I wanted from the set and maybe more. Maybe you take it down a score when they do not have promotions, but the food is good and well worth the price.

But I’m just a fat boi… What do other people think?

The Media

HungryHalalFoodSeekers seems to like it, though feels that it is better to takeaway due to space in the store.

DanielFoodDiary got the chicken for takeaway (hence somehow it seems like they got a lot of space in the pictures), and got slow service. While (s?)he loves their fried chicken, there might be better options until Fried Chicken Master sorts out their operational kinks.

Namhj gave it 7/10 for a media invite, which seems like a low score, though the written words seem pretty good.

MissChocoholic ‘s blogpost is “Simply the Best Fried Chicken from Taiwan”.

BellyNomster got a hosted meal, but got a new favorite store for Taiwanese fried chicken.

RachelWong seems to like it.

The Community

Google reviews has it at 4.7/5 with 16 reviews (as of Nov 2018). Love it.

FoodPanda reviews has it at 3.5/5 stars for 141 reviews. Complains seem to be about delivery, and not the food.

Deliveroo reviews are 88%.

Burpple seems to like it.



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