funny-frisch Kessel chips sour cream and spring onion – #1 in Germany

Funny-Frisch Kessel Chips, Sour Cream & Spring Onion – S$3.95

  • 120g of Potato Chips

Open up. As per usual, potato chips comes with half a bag of air. But jokes aside, potato chip bags are actually filled with nitrogen gas to prevent the chips from going stale.

From the shape, they look kettle cooked, but that is just an assumption I have no idea whether that is true. The chips have a nice crisp to it, almost to sort of a crunch, but not very hard to bite. Although the chips look rather thin, the mouthfeel makes you think the chip is thicker than it is. I like the texture a lot for its substance.

The chip itself also has a very nice roasty, fried potato flavour, but the sour cream & onion flavouring is a bit lacking in my opinion. There is uneven distribution of the flavouring. Not too sure what the spring onion flavouring actually is, but I see green bits on the chips, which I assume lends to the spring onion flavour. As the flavouring is not strong at all, it’s hard to get tired of eating the chip, especially since the texture is really good.

Nutrition info

funny-frisch Kessel chips sour cream and spring onion nutrition
Energy, Fat, Saturated Fat, Sugar, Salt

What’s nice on the packaging is that it states the recommended portion and daily recommended intake of nutrition. So apparently 1 portion is 30g, so 120g is 4 recommended portions. Oops. I ate it all in one go.

Rating for Funny-Frisch Kessel Chips Sour Cream & Spring Onion

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


I’m not particularly excited about this flavour, but the chips are good enough that I might want to spend more effort to find other flavours.


At S$4, it is a little expensive, but you do get the quality of chips you deserve. I’ll check out this brand again, and probably going to try other flavours instead of this since I now have high hopes.

But I’m just a fat boi… What do other people think?

TheSmartLocal thinks that it is exceptionally crispy, delivers in the sour taste, and flavours are not overpowering the potato.

And that’s it. Apparently it is pretty hard to find English language reviews for a German brand, so I have no idea what most other people around the world think about it! I could be wrong, but Funny-Frisch is the #1 brand of potato chips in Germany. And apparently a website that reviews Chips and Crisps around the world didn’t have any reviews for Funny-Frisch Kessel Chips.

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