How I Rate Food

22th April 2019 Edit: I’m moving away from reviews to more general food related articles. Reviews are not particularly enjoying to write when there are countless of reviewers out there and none of them doing in-depth research about history or the other aspects about food. There might still be posts about restaurants, but they will be less wordy and a lot more casual. 

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it.


This is probably how most people judge food, rather than a score system that doesn’t really mean anything. Because, what is food that is worth 5 stars upon 5 stars? Is it absolute food perfection that everybody on earth should spend their entire fortunes and experience? Is it the de facto best version of a known food dish? Those 2 statements don’t make much sense when you consider that cilantro tastes like soap to some people, and that children might be biologically inclined to prefer food rich in sugar.

Taste is a complex perception based on your biological make-up, how hungry you are, your pre-existing ideas and expectations of food, the environment you eat it in and probably a million other things.

Another reason is that different chefs have preferences for their rendition of a dish. A chill sauce in this stall might tastes more citrusy, or having a mixture of different fruits from a certain region. Another might kick up the spice level. Does this mean that one is better than the other?

Of course, there are certain standards that make food taste better. Unless the dish calls for it, fresh ingredients will almost always make it taste better. Proper portion and balance of the meal makes eating more enjoyable, and a lot healthier. In the end, food that is prepared with thought and done with good intentions for its consumer tastes good and is enjoyable to eat. My role here can only be to describe the food and hope that you use that as a judgement as to whether the food will taste good to you.

The Rating


There’s really no max rating for this, because perhaps yesterday time travel will be invented and there will be food good enough for me to travel to Planet Nine beyond the Kuiper Belt. But for now, I will settle with my Earthling measurements.

The lying down boi icon of a man lying down: I’m not willing to travel for this food, even if its just downstairs my house. But eh, maybe I’ll buy it if I’m hungry.

The walking boi : I am willing to walk a certain distance for this food. The further this is, the more walking bois I will give.

Ratings are still a work in progress, and hopefully I can bring out the planet icon to indicate willingness to travel several galaxies. My sincere wishes that the running away boi to indicate that there is a food stall or restaurant that you have to run away from will stay in my recycle bin.


Given out of 5. The closer it is to 5 the more worth it it is.

: Totally worth the price. I was given what I expected and even more beyond that. Value over-load.

: Worth the price. I was given more than what I expected for what I paid.

: Worth. I got everything I expected, so whether I continue to buy this depends on alternatives available.

: It’s ok, I guess? I got slightly less than what I expected, but I guess they got money to earn…?

: What I was given was below expectations. There are better things to spend on.

: I just don’t see why you would pay for this.

Again, ratings are a work in progress. My sincere wish is to not have to bring out the reverse price tag icon, where I am willing to eat only if they pay me to eat it.