Keisuke Gyoza King – Good Japanese set meal


Ordered 2 Gyoza Sets (S$13.90) and 1 Wasabi Ginger Ale (S$3.00), before GST, coming to a total of S$36.25 after GST.

Choose 1 Gyoza, 2 side dishes, amount of rice, and choice of soup for each gyoza set. You get free flow of beansprouts and pickled vegetables at the table, as well as common condiments such as soy sauce, chilli oil, and furikake.

Simple enough to understand. They give an order form for ordering of food, similar to some Chinese restaurants and Ramen stalls/restaurants.


We start with the given vegetables at the table, given in containers as shown. Because I am a dumbass I didn’t take a photo of the beansprouts’ container, but it is the same kind of container.

Pickled Vegetables

Small bowls are given at the side, which you can use for portioning the vegetables. Vegetables were crunchy, and not very tangy, with a light sweet and sour flavour to it. A good side dish.

Seasoned Bean Sprouts

Some people say that the beansprouts are THE reason to go to Keisuke restaurants. But on it’s own I felt the beansprouts were a bit lacking without a good stock to accompany it, as it is light in flavour, and did not have a very strong bean sprout taste. These had good crunchy texture, which added to its addictive quality.

Vegetable Soup

I could be wrong, but there is a clear dashi flavour here, which means that this is, based on just my taste buds, not a pure vegetable soup. Because of that, a strong umami flavour is present throughout the soup. A nice change of pace compared to the miso soup.

Miso Soup

A standard fare for Japanese meals. Nothing in particular stands out.

Prawn Gyoza

A good prawn filling can be clearly tasted, with big chunks of prawn meat. Gyoza was not greasy at all, and had a good filling and taste. Despite being pan fried, the skin were soft, and not crispy. In texture, very similar to a Chinese shrimp wonton.

Although the description said that they used their broths for the Gyoza, I did not taste the broth that I was expecting. In that regard, it was slightly disappointing, as I did not feel that the broth usage added much compared to an above average gyoza.

Pork Gyoza

Having tasted their tonkotsu, I was having high expectations for gyoza made using their tonkotsu broth. I was expecting something like a Xiaolongbao, where the soup bursts out and gives the dumpling an added dimension of flavour.


Unfortunately, all I got was an above average gyoza. Again, I felt the use of the broth did not add much.

Stir fried eggplant with miso

The miso lended a good seasoning to the dish, without making the dish taste like miso. Eggplants were cooked perfectly, with a meaty texture and good savoury flavour. Small pork slices  can also be seen. But as an egg plant dish, the other vegetable components, such as the bell peppers and onions could be somehow incorporated better into the dish. Dish felt very rough, and economic rice stall style with its large chunks of vegetables.

Deep fred chicken with spicy sauce and mixed sesame

Although the name is “spicy sauce”, it is more of a black pepper sauce that gives a peppery kick. There is a good ratio of sauce to meat to sesame, allowing each component to be tasted and the chicken to remain crispy.

Deep fried white dish in tempura sauce

Again, the large chunks of vegetables may make the dish look brighter and abit prettier, but it felt very rough and economic rice stall style. Fried fish is a bit disappointing. Could be a personal preference, but I did not like the fish used for this, and would perhaps preferred the use of a fleshier fish with a better texture. Texture of the fish flesh is similar to sutchi fillets (or perhaps that is in fact what they used), having a rather transparent, watery meat texture.

Chicken Nanban with tartar sauce

Like the other fried chicken dish, very nice ratio of sauce to meat. Chicken remained crispy while being coated in the tangy, salty Nanban sauce, and the tartar gives a rich creamy taste. Chunks of egg can be found in the tartar sauce, so the texture is slightly weird, but it is an enjoyable dish. Very balanced flavour.

Wasabi Ginger Ale

Despite being called WASABI Ginger ale, I don’t taste the wasabi, but there is a clear Ginger after taste. Still primarily a sweet drink, and is a basic soda with a slight gingery kick. However, for S$3, it might be a bit expensive.

Rating for Keisuke Gyoza King

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


A short neighbourhood walk. A good place to visit if you’re nearby in the area if you feel like having a nice Japanese set meal. Keisuke restaurants also tend to have a queue, and unlike their ramen, I don’t feel that a long wait would be justified for this.


I got everything I expected. Food was good, but I did not get wowed. It should also be taken into consideration that Keisuke’s other chains are nearby in the area, and I think those give more value in terms of offering something different.

But I’m just a fat boi… What do other people think?

The Media

DanielFoodDiary thought some of the side dishes were “chye peng” style, similar to what I feel. They somehow got crispier gyozas than I did. Felt similarly about the gyoza being above average, but wouldn’t queue again for this, and would prefer to use the queuing time for Keisuke’s ramen. 2013, old review.

SethLui lists Gyoza King as one of the 11 Essential Gyozas in Singapore. 2017 review.

TheHungryBunny thought that these were the best gyozas ever. 2016, old review.

MissTamChiak thought that it was more than worth a try. 2013, old review.

FaithJoyHope was very satisfied, but adviced to stay away from lunch hours if space and comfort is a concern during meal times.

TheGirlNextShore thought that the place is very worth a visit, but prays for the queue.

The Community

Google reviews are at a staggering 4.5/5 with 113 reviews. Old to recent reviews all talked about the food being good at reasonable prices, despite being warm and stuffy in the restaurant. Some preferred the side dishes, some preferred the gyozas.

Tripadvisor has an average score of 4/5. Almost all liked the food.

Burpple. Everybody is raving about the food and prices. Some complain about space in the restaurant.


1 Tras Link, #01-15, Orchid Hotel, Singapore 078867

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