Keisuke Hamburg Review – Part of the process

Speed. Efficiency. Performance.

These are the words you might think of when living in modern society. Everything looks fine on the surface and in theory we have everything we need. We lead lives of convenience with everything we need with a few taps of our phones, and we move from task to task, objective to objective thinking purely of how to maximise the numbers. How to make the most out of money, how to make the most out of time, how everything translates into performance numbers. When we look back at it, maybe we did great, but then we slow down and feel a sense of unfulfillment.

But now, before I get into a sociology thesis, that is exactly what I felt when dining at Keisuke Hamburg, or as the full name goes Teppanyaki Hamburg Nihonbashi Keisuke Bettei.


72 Peck Seah Street Singapore 079329

I went to Keisuke Hamburg for dinner, drudging through the crowds of people rushing to places, going to places. After work crowd is a machine operating to maximise travel times, and a fat boi I casually walked through the streets, thinking about my next meal but wondering if I had become a cog in the machine.

Clearly, I am living in September. My watch confirms that. But in this restaurant it is already October.

As I arrived at Keisuke Hamburg, I was relieved by the free Tea they put right outside the queue. A refreshing drink for the thirsty traveller. Well, I didn’t actually travel much, but a drink is a drink. This particular batch wasn’t diluted, and had a light roasted flavour to the tea.


Soon after, a waiter signals us to go in. That was when I realised that something was amiss. Halloween decorations are all over the place. I had entered a time machine. Clearly, I am living in September. My watch confirms that. But in this restaurant it is already October.

As I seat, the waiter is already taking my order, standing behind me, just enough for the corner of my eyes to catch a glimpse of a waiting figure.

Have you decided yet? GOD DAMMIT there’s only 2 things on the menu just order it. Have you decided yet? HURRY UP AND ORDER ALREADY

Not the actual thoughts or words of the waiter, probably.

keisuke hamburg menu

Fast music plays in the background, seemingly rushing me. What is it rushing me for? I don’t know, but everything so far is demanding speed, speed, speed.


Keisuke Hamburg Condiments

Without waiting we can already access the Salad Bar and Egg Station, which comes free flow with ordering the set.

Keisuke Salad Bar
Keisuke Salad Bar

Even have options of dressings and oil. Egg station has options for eggs prepared in many various ways from Tamagoyaki to sunny side up.

Keisuke Hamburg Salad Bar Sauces

Lots of options for you, and not all raw vegetables. They have fried tofu, some sort of instant noodles, Coffee jelly and cream, coleslaw or potato salads in the Salad Bar as well. Overall, the food served there is fresh and good from the vegetables to the prepared salads (e.g. potato salad) and the sauces.

Keisuke Hamburg my Salad bowl
Keisuke Hamburg fried egg

But even the food doesn’t wait for you. Halfway eating the salad bowl, my Hamburg set have arrived. And the table isn’t small, but there wasn’t enough space to put everything on the table.

Hurry up and eat, so you can clear space.

Keisuke Hamburg Triple Cheese Set
Keisuke Hamburg Triple Cheese Set

Food is delicious and extremely well priced. Hamburg sets are nearly identical except for cheese and sauce.

For which I forgot to mention you can choose between 4 sauces.

keisuke sauce

No complains about taste. Hamburg steak is juicy, has good beef flavour and very soft. Original sauce has a gingery kick that is also lightly sweet and salty. Demiglace is a bit tomatoey and a bit sweet for me, but I can see if some might like the extra sweetness.

But even the food does not wait for you here. The Hamburgs get served on a sizzling hotplate, with beansprouts on the bottom of the plate. To me the beansprouts signal an urgency to eat. Eat them NOW or they will burn. Strangely in my lifetime experience of eating hotplates this had almost never occurred to me as a problem until now.

Keisuke Hamburg Beansprouts


I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.



Make no mistake; if you are here only for extremely good value food, you will find it here. One can only be so stingy to say that what they are offering, with a salad bar with great variety and eggs cooked in various manner, to the delicious Hamburgs cooked to perfection at this price is not good.

But if you are looking for a relaxing dining experience, this might not be the place for you.

I leave the place, about 7.30pm, and I see a long queue of people fully occupying the queue pole areas. Just more people to join the process.

Eat. Pay. Get out. Move on.

But I’m Just a Fat Boi… What do other people think?

The queue says everything. People like it.

The Media

SethLui, DanielFoodDiary, RubbishEatRubbishGrow, EatBook, TheRantingPanda all liked it.

The Community

Google Reviews are 4.4/5.

TripAdvisor gives it 4/5.

Burpple users like it.

Almost all likes the salad bar. Hamburg steak has mixed reviews. People who don’t like it also complained about service, queue or drinks. Some Burpplers have stated the salad bar as THE reason to come back.

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