KFC Mac ‘N Cheese Zinger Review – Have you ever dreamed of stuffing your face with fried stuff

Maybe you haven’t. I’m not telling you that you should, but whether that is part of your dreams, KFC have made that come true. Take a fried chicken burger. Replace the buns with fried Mac and Cheese. Add MORE cheese. Add Turkey Bacon. Put some lettuce because #health.

Fried stuff and fried stuff

KFC Mac and Cheese Price

  • S$7.50 Ala carte
  • S$8.95 for a meal, with medium Whipped Potatoes and Regular Drink


Promotional Image

A comparison of the promotional image and the actual product I got shows that it is spot on. While the cheese isn’t oozing out like the perfectly placed image, the cheese layers are present and very taste-able.

The thick batter of the Mac and Cheese might concern you, but I find it to be an acceptable crust that doesn’t take away much from the Mac and Cheese. Some people like to add a breadcrumb layer on top of their Mac and Cheese for texture. Think of this as the condensed version of that. Everybody gets to the enjoy the crusty good bits of the top layer of crispy Mac and Cheese (except, well, it’s fried). Individually, the Mac and Cheese patty is good.

I like and hate the burger at the same time. Very one note in flavor (fat on fat on fat on fat), and very difficult to eat as a meal. You might find that you don’t actually enjoy the burger that much as a burger. When eaten together, the fat on fat action is akin to watching sumo wrestling. The Zinger corner and Mac n Cheese corner are in close match to push each other out of the boundary. Give any opening and one side will take over your palate ring.

On the other hand, I applaud KFC for making the best depression meal ever. I can imagine the dark days where I just need a good hug from the colonel, and he would be there, ready with this. And as he hands me the golden fried bomb, I mutter to myself, “The lettuce… It isn’t fried. The potatoes… they aren’t fried either…” And maybe after that I would head over to McDonald’s for their ChocoPie.

Calories and Nutritional Information

If you are someone concerned about calories, don’t eat the KFC Mac ‘N Cheese Zinger. Just don’t. There’s no nutritional information available on the KFC website, and for good reason. Knowing the numbers won’t do anybody good except make them depressed. (SheKnows did a little bit of unreliable math)

Rating for KFC Mac ‘n Cheese Zinger Burger

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.

Be prepared to travel. And by that I mean run. Not for the sake that this is the legendary burger. But to burn the calories. KFC is always there for you. Head there to cure your depression. And when you are well enough to understand what you have done, you can run.


KFC delivered everything they promised. I considered giving it lower (i.e. average), but where else other than KFC can my fried dreams come true?

But I’m Just a Fat Boi… What do other people think?

Perhaps more interesting is that people in the US and UK are watching the Mac ‘N Cheese Zinger closely with envy. That’s right bois, this burger is a creation of KFC Singapore.

The Media
Weekender seems to like it. Very heavy meal.
SethLui – KFC is on a roll.
GoodyFeed – Sparks Joy. Gain 6kg every bite. 4/5.
GeekCulture – Could’ve more cheese. Also why not get two for Mac ‘N Cheese Double Down Zinger.
PrisChew – Would be happy to order again.
Jeremy See – Finger Licking Good. 8.7/10.

The Community
Hardwarezone KosongIce – Why, KFC, Why? Didn’t’ like it.
Reddit random users – seem to be quite average.

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