KFC Tori Katsu Burger Review

KFC Tori Katsu Burger 

  • Ala carte S$5.50
  • Tori Katsu Meal S$7.55
    • Burger, medium Fries, regular Pepsi Black
  • Tori Katsu Burger Deluxe Meal S$8.75 (shown above sans the drink)
    • Burger, Bonito Fries, regular Pepsi Black
  • Tori Katsu Box S$9.45
    • Burger, one piece chicken, medium Fries, regular Whipped Potato, regular Pepsi Black

Created based on the Japanese Katsu, KFC Tori Katsu Burger is a refreshing addition to the menu.

Dissecting the Burger

KFC Tori Katsu Burger full form

Just based on what I was given, there is a distinct lack of shredded cabbage and no overflowing sauce. But as usual, a taste test is required to figure out if what is given is actually sufficient. Chicken looked bigger than the bun itself, so the meat to bun ratio is pretty good.

KFC Tori Katsu Burger Dissection

A clearer picture of the lack of cabbage, all adhered to the mayonnaise and . Chicken looks really nicely fried here.

KFC Tori Katsu Burger dissection

Nothing on the bottom bun.

KFC Tori Katsu Burger Cross Section

Cross section of the KFC Tori Katsu Burger. Chicken meat looks tender and not over cooked, but one wonder if there is too much mayonnaise.

Bonito Fries that came with KFC Tori Katsu Burger Deluxe Meal

Bonito Fries 

  • Ala carte S$4.50
KFC Garden Salad with Soy Sesame Sauce

KFC Garden Salad

  • Ala carte S$3.20
  • Add-on with meal S$2.20
KFC Soy Sesame Sauce


KFC Tori Katsu Burger, as said at first, tasted refreshing and is a nice change of pace from regular KFC chicken. Unlike many fast food new introductions, the Tori Katsu Burger did not feel like a rehash of old ingredients to make “new” items. The chicken, whilst not perfectly cooked to the most tender, was well marinated with a tangy aftertaste. The chicken, as visually inspected was crispy and did not feel oily. Unlike eating regular KFC fried chicken, I did not feel terrible with myself and needed to visit the cardiologist right after (though sometimes feeling terrible is exactly what you want).

Unfortunately, it did not help that the sauce laden on top is also tangy in flavour, tasting similar to Worcestershire and bringing that molassy, tangy punch. What did help was that not a lot of that sauce was put on my particular burger. Either false advertisement of sauce quantity or poor quality control is at fault here, but it worked to the advantage of my burger. But that also made my cabbage amounts miserable, with an excess of mayonnaise. I do not know if KFC pays their part time well, but I assume not from comparing this to the advertisements. This isn’t the first time I was subjected to poor quality control, as you can read about here in my first review for the Zinger Mozzarella Burger.

In my quest to complete the meal, the flavours of tangy, tangy, and tangy came up multiple times. Bonito Fries uses the same sauce in the burger, which makes eating both the Bonito Fries and Tori Katsu burger in the same seating a bit cloying. The upside is that the fries were quite enjoyable to eat, with the bonito flakes lending umami to the fries.

Another tangy came from the Salad. The Soy Sesame dressing had little sesame to it, and instead of a nutty fragrance I was introduced to a salty tangy dressing. While I appreciate the effort to stray from the more common creamy sesame dressing, the lack of actual sesame flavours is disappointing. Additionally, for S$2.20 the salad is really too expensive with its meager portion.

Rating for KFC Tori Katsu Burger Deluxe Meal

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


While a refreshing addition, the burger isn’t a good enough addition to justify travelling just to try it. But a moot point since KFC is all around.


 I got exactly what I expected; A new burger from a familiar chain of fast food restaurants. I would be hoping to give it a higher score, because this is a new addition that actually felt new unlike a lot of fast food new items. But the lack of good quality control/false advertisement that plagues fast food held my generosity back.

But I’m Just a Fat Boi… What do other people think?

KFC Tori Katsu Burger was just released yesterday (10 Sep 2018), so not many community reviews can be found yet.

The Media

GoodyFeed thought that both were disappointing, based on what they got.

PrisChew liked it.

KopitiamBot had a media tasting. 7/10 for Burger, 9/10 for fries.

Greatdeals had no reviews, but their fries were LOADED with bonito flakes, which I call bullshit from my own fries.

A Youtuber chin wei thinks it is not bad and worth a try. Fries can be improved.

The Community

Kosongice on Hardwarezone forums didn’t like it, and most of the people on the thread didn’t either. Some on the other thread didn’t like the size.

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