KobePi (using GrabFood delivery) Review –

Ordered using GrabFood, the pie came in a robust cardboard box.

Japanese Curry Chicken Pie – S$8.90

  • Add S$2 for set for any pie (+ Kobe Salad and Ayataka Green Tea, though apparently non-GrabFood sets allows a choice of drink)

Upon trying to portion the pie, the fillings easily leaked out, revealing something resembling Japanese curry, with carrots, mushrooms, chicken. An isolated bite of the filling revealed disappointing results, as the filling, while resembling of curry, is not quite as rich or sweet as a Japanese curry would be like. But of course, this is a pie, and pies should be eaten with the crust, in a singular bite.

When everything came together, the result is delicious. If one does not understand why cows are revered in some cultures, this pie is part of the reason why. The crust, while flaky, provided good textural contrast to the sticky, gooey middle, while providing a buttery smooth rich flavor. A look into their facebook page also revealed that they use a combination of Cheddar, Parmesan and Mozzarella cheeses. In a full bite, I wasn’t able to particularly detect the specific cheese flavors, but reading that information did make sense as to why a full bite produces a much more wholesome flavor. The dairy gods have blessed this pie, and the subsequent one.

Shabu Shabu Gyuniku Pie – S$9.90

Compared to the Japanese curry chicken, this crust had a lot more tensile strength and crisp. That could be a matter of small expected variations, or because of the filling which is drier. The naming of this pie is pretty strange, considering that a more appropriate name would be Teriyaki Beef, since the filling is obviously soy sauce based with a sweet salty flavor that is enhanced and absorbed by the mushrooms and soft onions.

As with the previous pie, the entire pie became even more enjoyable after adding the crust and cheese dairy god’s blessing. Both pies seemed to be a bit lacking in the meat department.

A simple salad, with the dressing made using sesame oil and soy sauce. Also tasted a bit citrusy and menthol, wasabi like. If this portion is also served for it’s usual price of S$4.90, then it is a pretty huge travesty. But included as the set, I have no complains.

Korokke – S$5.90

  • GrabFood didn’t offer this for some reason, but S$3 can be add on for Korokke

The korokkes had a light dressing of tonkatsu sauce, with a tangy, molassy flavor. Crust was crispy. However, the fillings are immensely disappointing in both portions and ingredients. Probably made of mostly potatoes, the interior is dense, but I expected a creamier filling, maybe even with other ingredients. At almost S$2 a piece, this item is a never order again for me.

Rating for KobePi

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


The pies aren’t exactly very special, but they are delicious. Checking their facebook page also shows that they regularly have offers (which are as usual practice not given in GrabFood orders 🙁 If you are in the area, it would be worth checking them out if it only takes a little more walking distance.


At their regular price, the price may be on a slightly higher side. Bump it up by one more point if you buy it when they have offers, like this 1-for-2 promotion.

But I’m just a fat boi… What do other people think?

KobePi is relatively untalked by media, only being featured in an EatBook article.

The Community

Facebook reviews seem to be very good, praising the taste and freshness of the pies.

Deliveroo average review is 91%, which is very very good.

FoodPanda score is however only 3.5/5 stars, a low score in a delivery food app.

The few Burpple Reviews do seem to like it.

Google reviews are rated 5 star by only 3 people, with one of them suspiciously having the same name as the founder/director.


KobePi is a kiosk-style stall with no seats.


313@somerset, 313 Orchard Road #B3-48A Singapore 238895

1 Irving Place, The Commerze@Irving #02-21 Singapore 369546

Operating hours:

313@somerset Outlet
Mondays to Sundays 11am-10pm

The Commerze@Irving Outlet (Delivery and Self-Collection only)
Mondays to Saturdays 11am-7pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays (Open for advanced orders only)

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