Maccha House Suntec City Review

Some restaurants have a weird thing going on with their menu in that, you can’t really find it online. Either way, I decided to get the Mini Tendon & Shisamo Karaage set, Unagi Toji Set (from which I only tasted a bit of the unagi), Maccha latte float with shiratama, Maccha latte with azuki beans, Maccha Soya pudding and their signature Maccha Tiramisu. They had this offer that you get S$10 off your bill if you order 2 sets, 2 drinks and 2 deserts. Total came to be S$51.90 after discount.

The set caught my eye when wandering around Suntec, but despite being a Sunday lunch there wasn’t much of a crowd near Maccha House. The menu is also pretty limited compared to their other branch at Orchard central.

Before I go on, I have to complain about their seats.

There basically was just exactly enough space between those 2 glass panels to fit in the table and 2 chairs. It’s pretty hard to move into the seat. While it is somewhat cool to have a seat beside the fountain, the fat boi mostly only cares about the food.

The lattes were the first to be served.

Maccha Latte float with Shiratama (Large) – S$6.80 (medium is S$6.40)

Maccha latte was very rich and creamy, with a strong maccha bitterness that does not overpower the sweetness of the drink. It is pretty strange to scoop up the ice cream to realise that it has less flavour than the drink it is served in.

While I do like the Maccha Latte, when the ice cream melted completely it added unnecessary creaminess to the latte and made drinking it overbearing. Shiratama is pretty flavourless when eaten next to the Maccha latte, and does not really add a dimension of flavour to it.

Maccha Latte with Azuki beans (Large) – S$6.80 (medium is S$6.40)

Can’t comment much, only tasted the Azuki bean paste, which I felt is a much needed improvement over the Maccha ice cream. I probably would order a simple latte or the traditional one the next time. Most of the additions make this a desert and not a drink. Not a terrible thing, but considering the complete meal is an essential part of dining.

Unagi Toji Set – S$13.99

  • Rice
  • Unagi Toji
  • Chawanmushi
  • Miso Soup
  • Some pickle thing
  • A little of their signature Tiramisu

When ordering, you will be told that the amount of Unagi is only 40grams. Of course, at S$14 you can’t really be expecting much. Only ate a little of the unagi and the chawanmushi. The Unagi toji has a surprising fruity, almost candy or sweet soda like flavour to it. The eel itself is creamy, buttery and delicate, but the fruity notes throws me off quite a bit. I would prefer a cleaner flavour of the eel, although the extra fruitiness is refreshing in tasting something new.

Chawanmushi is pretty standard, but doesn’t have an overpowering flavour in any way.

Mini Tendon with Shisamo Karaage Set – S$12.99

  • Some Tempura
    • Prawn
    • Onion
    • Shiitake Mushroom
    • Eggplant
    • 2 Cucumber
  • Rice
  • Miso Soup
  • 2 Shisamo
  • Fried squid

Miso soup has pretty good dashi flavour, and is not salty in any way. Enjoyable to drink. Not much to say about the rice. Tempura vegetables have very light seasoning, and so does the tempura dipping sauce. It is a very light meal, and the miso soup is going to the strongest tasting element here.

This does look like daikon, but it actually is onion. No strong onion pungent taste, but doesn’t taste sweet either. A light aromatic onion taste.

The prawn is also surprisingly light in taste, but had good texture.

Mushroom had a good meaty texture along with a shiitake umami flavour.

Eggplant was decent.

And for some reason I didn’t take a picture of the cucumbers, which were surprisingly sweeter than I expected.

Cause apparently taking photos is a skill and I have none of that, you can’t really see the roe in this picture. The roe imparted a slightly grainy texture and the fish is very light in taste.

Fried squid had a lot more flavour in the batter, and was chewy but easy to eat enough.

All in all, this set felt very healthy despite me eating fried food. It is a meal light in flavours, with nicely cooked ingredients. Decent meal, but it isn’t memorable in anyway.

Maccha Soya Pudding (Left) – S$5.80

Maccha Tiramisu (Right) – S$6.20

Both deserts were nicely presented in a small bamboo like container and a wooden box.

Pudding is very custard cream like rather than springy and bouncy. I liked the sweetness and maccha flavour mingling, but not a fan of the kuromitsu on top, especially when you get your first scoop and you get a heap of that extra sauce on top. Should definitely spread the sweetness a little to get more of the maccha flavour out.

To call this a tiramisu is a bit of a misnomer, since traditional Tiramisu is made with ladyfingers biscuits. Despite so, it is actually very delicious, although it will be disappointing if you are looking for a heavier maccha flavour. Maccha is only a heavy dusting on the top, which does not impart the bitterness that maccha has when eaten as a whole. The chiffon cake is extremely light and fluffy, and is very delicious when eaten together with the extremely creamy cream filling. The cream filling does not have hints of tart or sour, but instead tastes very milky, creamy, and very very very fresh.

It is delicious, but to call it a Maccha Tiramisu is pretty wrong, and may anger some hordes of maccha and tiramisu fans.

The wooden box, while it looks nice, is also quite a major hindrance in eating the Maccha powdered vanilla chiffon cake with rich cream filling.

Rating for Maccha House sets

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


Suntec city has a lot of options for food, and with the set meals not being memorable and limited desert menu, it is not surprising to not see many people here. Walking around the huge Suntec city is probably a good idea, and eh, if this catches your attention you can perhaps try the set out. I am willing to walk around and explore my options before deciding.


Despite so, I do feel that my money was quite worth it, especially with the discounts. I was pretty surprised to see that online reviews are relatively bad for Maccha House.

But I’m just a fat boi… what do other people think?

DanielFoodDiary only tastes the Tiramisu, but thought that hardcore matcha lovers have to look elsewhere.

LadyIronChef has Maccha House on 2nd of their best 7 Maccha lattes in Singapore, although it is refering to the Orchard Central branch.

Hungrygowhere reviews are pretty bad, mostly citing bad service.

Tripadvisor reviews seems to be better (for Orchard central), with most liking the deserts and having mixed opinions about the non desert food.

Yelp again has quite mixed reviews.


Suntec City branch:

Orchard Central branch:

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