McDonald’s Fish and Fries, Sweet Chili Fish Burger, Chocolate Pie Review

McDonald's Fish and Fries, Sweet Chilli Fish burger and chocolate pie, served with fries and tartar sauce and a drink.

Sweet Chili Fish Burger Special – $8.60

  • Comes with tartar sauce, Chocolate Pie, Medium fries and drink.

Fish and Fries Special – $9.00

  • Tartar sauce, Chocolate Pie, small fries and drink.

Prices come to be a bit high for fast food, but when I ordered on the 2nd of March this was sold out, so the masses in Singapore definitely do at least want to try the new items.

McDonald's fried fish, cut into half

Fried fish has a very nice batter to meat ratio. Has a nice crunch and doesn’t taste oily at all. Meat has a tender bite. Doesn’t have the classic “McDonald’s fried stuff” taste to it. Not sure if I got a good batch or they had a separate fryer for this.¬†Good tasting overall.

Hand for size comparison. Didn’t have a banana for scale.

Size is smaller than usual for a fillet, but definitely a good portion for its price and quality.

This is a pretty nice fish to eat, but whether this is worth it would depend largely on how good your neighborhood western stall is. Unless, you specifically want to go to McDonald’s for their curry sauce or something. I would prefer eating the McDonald’s version over most of the Fish and Chips I had in food court or kopitiam western stalls, so I place it above average.

Rating for Fish and Fries:

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.

I am willing to walk down my house and a bit (5-10 minutes walk).


I got everything I expected. Meal was worth the price, but there might be better alternatives.

Fish in burger is the same as Fish and Fries. Veggies given are stingy amounts. Same with sweet chili sauce. With the price difference being 40 cents I don’t see a reason why you would pay for this instead. I genuinely think the burger would have tasted better with better proportions of veggies and sauce. With what I was given it tastes exactly like fish and bread.

Rating for Sweet Chili Fish Burger:


icon of a man lying down

 I would stay home and not buy this.


What I was given is below expectations. There are better things to spend on.

Chocolate Pie – $1.40

McDonald’s were clearly lying about the fish season. Cause this pie is all that really matters this March. The specials and everything else is all to get people to eat this pie. It is basically McDonald’s apple pie crust with a chocolate lava cake filling, which I gauge the cocoa content to be about 45%. This is no cake, but at $1.40 a piece this shit’s a steal. Would buy again and again. I would be rather sad if this is a limited menu item.

Rating for Chocolate Pie:


I would walk a bit further than usual for this (20 minutes), but McDonald’s is like, everywhere. So the point is quite moot.


 It delivered more than my expectations for what I paid for.

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    • 5 March, 2018 at 12:28 pm

      Hi! Thanks for the feedback. The chocolate pie looks amazing. Keep up the good work!

      • 6 March, 2018 at 1:26 am

        Hey thanks! Using the word “feedback” seems a bit strange in this context. Are you from McDonald’s by any chance?


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