McDonald’s HaHa Cheong Gai Burger and Drumlets Review

McDonald’s Ha Ha Cheong Gai Burger (Prawn Paste chicken burger)

  • Ala carte S$6.05
  • Extra Value meal (+ Drink, Fries) S$7.80
  • Extra Value Criss-cut (+Drink, Criss-cut fries) S$8.50
  • Feast set (+Drink, Criss-cut fries, Ha Ha Cheong Gai Drumlets) S$9.90

Dissecting the Burger

The meat size isn’t exact to the burger, but it is something I can forgive if the taste justifies it. Real chicken thigh is used here, although it is a bit thin on the meat.

From the top, 2 slices of cucumber (picture shows half the burger) and a slather of the prawn paste mayonnaise.

Then the chicken and a piece of lettuce, with more slathering of prawn paste mayo. Overall a very basic burger in terms of construction.

Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Drumlets

  • Ala Carte $2.20

My review for both the drumlets and burger are similar.

Taste wise, the new items are quite disappointing. Texture of both items were good, with the crispy exterior and tender chicken. But you don’t try new flavours solely for the texture.

They did not remind me of a Ha Cheng Gai chicken with a good balance of umami and salty profile. In a blind taste test, I would be thinking I was eating a salt chicken burger and salt fried chicken.

The cucumbers certainly helps to alleviate the salt in the burger, but if the prawn paste doesn’t come through in a dish based around prawn paste, then nothing else can make it great.

Rating for McDonald’s Ha Ha Cheong Gai

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


icon of a man lying down

I’m just gonna lie down and continue lazing around. Nothing to be excited about.


I’d much rather spend the money on other items on the McDonald’s menu, or even another food establishment.

But I’m just a fat boi… What do other people think?

The media people

8days thought that the drumlets were as good as any Zi Char stall, but did not think that the burger had a good prawn paste flavour.

EatBook had a media tasting at McDonald’s and thought that the flavours produced were great.

A writer from ChannelNewsAsia seemed to like both the new additions.

Alvinology seemed to like it.

LittleDayOut wishes that the menu items are permanent.

GoodyFeed thought the burger was good because it tasted like Zinger (WHAT?), but didn’t taste like Har Cheong Gai. The drumlets were good.

HaveHalalWillTravel liked it.

PrisChew thought that the burger is lacking and the drumlets were decent, but if Har Cheong Gai is desired, head down to a Zi Char instead as theirs are still better.

The Masses

Hardwarezone had a bit of a mixed reaction, thinking the price is expensive and critisizing the naming (I believe most of the users didn’t actually try it).

Reddit r/singapore seems to like the new set decently, while acknowledging the marketing prowess of McDonald.

Overall, it seems like people felt the burger is lacking to decent, and a lot more people liked the drumlets (way more than I did). So perhap the strategy for this new menu item is to waltz into McDonald’s and just buy 2 drumlets at S$2.20.

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