McDonald’s Hokkaido Salmon Burger (and price information rant)

McDonald’s Hokkaido Salmon Burger Extra Value Meal – S$7.70

  • Add S$0.60 to upgrade to Seaweed shaker fries (which I did)
  • Add $2 to add another salmon patty (which I did)
  • I also changed my drink to a Medium Green tea, which made it S$10.85

Before going to the store, I actually had no idea how much it would cost me to get the meal despite searching online for the pricing.

———————–Marker for rant section———————


It is actually ludicrous and straight up insane as a consumer that except in the actual McDonald’s store, you can’t seem to find good information about McDonald’s menu items price if you were to buy it at the store. I had to double back, check my receipt, re-check various sources promoting McDonald’s Hokkaido Salmon Burger, readjust my glasses.

What did I mean by that?

First, we see the ad for the Hokkaido Salmon Burger at McDonald’s website.

Salmon from Hokkaido with certification! Great pictures! I want to try this now! But what’s the price?

Welp! No pricing information down here, time to scroll down.

I guess there’s no price then. So time to check McDelivery.

Great! We found some prices. But of course, McDelivery prices are always a bit more expensive, and I’m not going to pay an additional S$4 when there’s a Mc’s nearby.

So now, I guess I have to google randomly to find the information eh?

But you know what not giving official price information has resulted in?

Alvinology gives me

And then now I go to 8days

Well, so is it S$7.70 or S$8.30 now?

What about FIS?

I guess now it’s USD, and 7.70 is only for ala carte? I’m confused!

In the end, I end up with an epiphany that this is probably a pricing strategy by McDonald’s to make you pay more in the end. Because if you already decided to buy something, then realise it’s slightly more expensive, but you are already at the store, what you gonna do? Eh, whatever, I’ll just get it anyway. 

———————–Marker for rant section———————

I’ll only be reviewing the burger, so first we dissect the burger.

Then a cross section of the burger, cut using a knife.

The colour of the flesh really confused me. Of course maybe my knife cutting did some tricks to make it look whiter than it really is, so I took a bite.

The colour of the flesh still really confused me. It’s a mix of salmon pink and white unlike any salmon I’ve eaten. Of course, I’m not expecting beautiful picture perfect flesh like from the promos, but this is something I have never seen before. It is not uncommon for fast food restaurants to use reconstituted meat, and neither did the promo said it was “100% Hokkaido salmon”, so my first thought was of course, reconstituted meat.

From the promo

Taste wise, it does have the distinctive taste of salmon, but the salmon taste is rather toned down compared to normal salmon. The patty itself does not taste bad, and is actually textured like real fish flesh, so I started doubting my hypothesis, as I have never eaten Hokkaido salmon before.

Logically speaking, although I am not able to confirm Hokkaido salmon pricing compared to other sources of salmon (despite reading this report and desperately searching for Hokkaido salmon pricing), I would imagine that Hokkaido salmon costs a bit more compared to the more commonly eaten ones. So at S$2 per patty, it probably wouldn’t be surprising if it is mixed with some other ingredients in some way.

But the fact remains that my judgement is at best an educated guess.

On the whole, the burger itself doesn’t taste bad. The patty crust does have the “McDonald’s fried food taste”, and I feel that it overpowers the flavour of the salmon by a lot. Would really have preferred if they use a separate fryer for this. Crust is also crispy and provides good substance. White cabbage gives it freshness, moisture and extra crunch while not imparting too much flavour. Sesame mayo is pretty good with a tangy vinegary taste, nutty aroma from the sesame and a little creaminess from the mayo.

Rating for Hokkaido Salmon Burger

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


Despite my rants and concerns, I am pretty okay with the burger. I am still willing to walk down my house and a few blocks to eat this.


At the price, and all my rants, I do think I am getting below average value for my money. In fact, I’m still am a little confused to how much I actually will pay for the meal. At about S$8 to S$10, I might occasionally buy this compared to other items at McDonald’s.

But I’m just a fat boi… what do other people think?

GoodyFeed gives it a 5/5. Worth every cent and calories. BUT how good your burger is seems to depend on luck, since his colleague got one with little sauce and had a dry patty.

8days think it is not bad, but would rather eat the Fillet O Fish.

HaveHalalWillTravel thinks it is worth the hype, but would like more sauce.

PrisChew enjoyed the burger and think it is worth eating, but was surprised at the lack of fishy salmon taste.

Skeptical users from Hardwarezone seems to have a pretty unanimous opinion that it is too expensive, with one user swearing that it tastes like canned tuna :thinking:.

Looking at other reviews, it seems that only my patty seem to suffer from the non-pinkish patty syndrome. But it seems that I am not the only one who think it doesn’t completely taste like salmon.

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