McDonald’s Salted Egg Yolk Fries are Funky

Salted Egg Yolk Fries – S$4.10

  • $1.20 as upgrade to a set

When I first brought my tray of items to the table, I thought I had smelled something a little off about my food. Something a little funky, that might remind people of spoiled food.

The taste of the fries itself tasted similar to the smell – funky. It tasted nothing like actual salted eggs, and neither does it taste anything like the salted egg anything that people are more familiar with. There is a lack of the fragrance of the curry leaves, the slight spicy kick from chilis, the buttery goodness and saltiness that comes in a creamy, yellow sauce for salted egg cooked food, or perhaps the slightly sweeter version that is found in snacks like fish skin.

McDonald’s Singapore’s version of salted egg sauce feels pretty much like an experiment. Its funky taste would suggest that it is an acquired taste. The sauce is smooth, like mayonnaise, and lightly sour, though there is no aromatic component despite the leaf green specks. It is somewhat like tartar sauce with the stinky components of cheese.

I think I know what is going on here. McDonald’s have tried to make mayonnaise with salted eggs, and have resulted in this sauce. The most basic mayonnaise recipe only consists of egg yolks and oil. Whether they consider this a success I don’t know, but the fact is I don’t think many people can appreciate this. I estimate that if you try hard enough, you can find about 5 people who actually like it.

Rating for Salted Egg Yolk Fries

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


I would use a run away icon here, to suggest that this is something you should actively avoid. However, in my honest opinion, I DO think that the 1% of people who like it might actually really like it. For the majority of normal plebs who cannot appreciate the funkier tastes, this is to be avoided. Stick to McDonald’s awesome Garlic Chili or Curry sauce.


To the majority, this fries probably feels like a complete scam. You might feel like you have paid to be part of McDonald’s failed experiment. But to the 1%, this might be the funky goodness that you can’t find cheap elsewhere.

Peach Pie – S$1.40

The peach pie comes in an attractive pink package, with the innards being of a gooey, sticky candy like glue with bits of peach. Thinking back about it, I should have inspected closer if they are real peach, but I don’t think it affects too much about my verdict.

If you have ever eaten peach flavored candy, or something else that is peach flavored, this pie tastes like a warm version of that covered with a flaky doughy pie crust. The taste might taste a little too artificial for some people, given that it might remind people of food items that commonly use artificial flavorings.

But other than that, unlike the experimental salted egg yolk fries, this peach pie doesn’t really have much to rave or praise about. It pretty much fulfilled what I expected a Peach Pie from McDonald’s to taste like.

Rating for Peach Pie


Something you would expect out of Mcdonald’s. You tell me how far you are willing to travel to McDonald’s.


I paid an appropriate price for the product, and don’t think I got anything more or less than the price suggested.

Pandan Ice Cream

Had the Pandan Soft Serve Sundae (served with hot fudge) on a separate day, though I have no pictures to show. It tastes exactly like what I would expect a Pandan soft serve to taste like, with a relatively strong Pandan flavor. Among all the new items I think this is the most well executed. Definitely do give this a try if you like Pandan.

But I’m just a fat boi… What do other people think?

As I expected, not many people seem to like the fries.

The Media

  • A BusinessInsider writer seemed to think that everything was a disappointment except for the Pandan ice cream.
  • A MotherShip writer have similar sentiments. Hated the sauce and showed FaceBook comments disliking it, and comments that the Peach Pie tastes like gum or peach tea.
  • LittleDayOut did not like the fries, and couldn’t finish it. Peach Pie is a pass.
  • 8Days. Fries only. Not nice.
  • EatAndTravelWithUs thinks that the fries are the worst thing they tasted on McDonald’s. Peach Pie and Pandan were not bad. Ha Ha Cheong gai is really delicious.
  • Cleo writers hated the fries. Doesn’t seem to like the Peach Pie or Pandan ice cream either.
  • A SethLui writer: Don’t expect too much from the fries. Peach tea in a pie. Pandan lovers will like the pandan ice cream.
  • AsiaOne has an 18 min video of them eating the menu. Too long, didn’t watch.
  • Youtuber ChinWei gave fries and Peach Pie both 9/10. The likes:dislikes are 7:16, so clearly the community didn’t quite agree with him there.

The Community

  • Reddit PSA telling people NOT to get the fries. An interesting comment about a sesame oil aftertaste, though that didn’t get much upvotes.
  • FaceBook.  In general, about 99% of the comments didn’t seem to like the fries, but there IS a single chain of comments saying that it tastes like Mentaiko and likes it.

Hardwarezone thread. Almost nobody likes it.

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