Ordinary Burgers, City Square Mall Review

Ordinary Burgers is a kiosk in City Square Mall, selling only a few burgers and just one side.  

Ordinary Burgers Menu

Buttermilk (Chicken) – S$5.90

Classic (Beef) – S$6.40

Portobello (Mushroom, Vegetarian) – S$7.50

Spicy (Chicken) – S$5.30

Double (Beef) – S$10.20

Option to add a whole baked Japanese sweet potato – S$2.80

No GST or service charge here. Seats are high chairs and generally uncomfortable looking seats, plopped right near the entrance to the MRT.

I ordered the Buttermilk and Spicy for takeaway, so expect a little drop in quality in texture. I arrived home 20 minutes later.

Spicy – S$5.30

In construction, a simple burger. Fried chicken patty with some kind of purple sauce, a piece of lettuce and nothing else.

You can see that the bread crumbles easily – which can be a sign of multiple things, including having a higher flour content, lower fat content, overheating when baking it, or somehow losing moisture. While the buns are decent, they remind me of cheap supermarket buns. Not impressed here.

Simple burgers are great. There isn’t much complications in flavor, and they are easy to eat. The Spicy still retained its crispiness even after takeaway, and the sauce – which honestly I don’t really have an idea of what it is – takes a little bit of the heat away. The downfall of the burger is the spice; it felt like it was there for the sake of being there, and ended up overpowering the entire burger. Despite the texture of the chicken being on point (and mind you this is even after takeaway), there isn’t much to say in terms of flavor. I wouldn’t order this ever again. It is not even that the burger is very hot or spicy, it is just very unnecessary.

Sweet Japanese Potato – S$2.80 add on

Burgers and fries are a classic combination that works. So naturally when they put “Japanese Sweet Potatoes” on the menu, I thought this referred to fries. It is in fact, just a whole baked sweet potato.

If there were a single thing I learnt in this review, it is that sweet potatoes are extremely good for taking the heat off for the burger. The ones I got had the skin clearly crackling and separate from the flesh and had a new caramelized outside layer of sweet potato. Fantastic and I would very much like to eat this again.

At $2.80 it can be a bit steep for a side dish, but price wise is the same to Don Don Donki, which is right below it and has hype and long queues for their Japanese Sweet Potatoes. Can’t say much for how good it is in comparison,  as I haven’t queued for it before, but I suspect Don Don Donki’s have less consistency.

Buttermilk – S$5.90

As with the Spicy, the buns here also crumbled.

Surprisingly, none of the sauce thing on the burger is mentioned anywhere, perhaps for fear of salted egg purists hating on this burger. But rather than call it salted egg, it is definitely more accurate to call it a milky sweet sauce with elements of salted egg sauce, without the salted egg and with more sweetness. I am thinking, the buttermilk probably refers to this sauce, and not to the method of tenderizing chicken with buttermilk. Since just basing on looks, this seems similar to Jia Yuen eating houses’ Salted Egg Buttermilk chicken rice. I could be wrong.

You can see the sauce dripping here – not at all runny or grainy like the classic salted egg sauce.

While I was prepared to be disappointed by the burger, this actually tasted good without the spice. It pairs very well with the crunchy, tender chicken. The tomatoes and lettuce also do well to balance the flavors by introducing a little acidity and blandness.

Rating for Ordinary Burgers

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.

The burgers were great, though a bit basic (or ordinary if you prefer). Buns were on the disappointing side, but it wasn’t bad enough to take away from the experience. Worth checking out if you are nearby in the area. Though McDonald’s is right beside this, I would take this almost every single time.

What really makes the deal is the price without GST and service charge. At this price, the burgers are better than their price would suggest. Would be trying their beef burgers a try soon.

But I’m just a fat boi… What do other people think?

JiakSimiPng would consider dining here again. Would have preferred having other sides.

Few Google Reviews, but they all liked it.

Burpple has 3 reviews that enjoy it.


180 Kitchener Rd #B1-K11 and K13, City Square Mall, Singapore 208539

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