Circuit Road Vietnamese Stall – Pho 125

Pho 125 Beef Pho

Beef Pho – S$5 nett


From the left to right of the image:

Sweet Chili Sauce (left most) – watery, but sweet and slightly sour, and also mildly spicy. Tastes a lot like pineapple.

A search into Vietnamese dipping sauce shows that pineapples feature as an added optional ingredient to fish sauce (their national dipping sauce, nuoc mam). You can even make a vegetarian/vegan version of fish sauce using pineapples.

Red Ketchup/Chili Paste (middle) – A ketchup like sauce that is also a bit spicy. Tastes like a mix between packet chili sauces and ketchup, being less tomato-ey and sour, leaning towards to the spicy and sweet side.

Brown Palm Sugar Paste (right most) – Caramelised sugar taste, with sort of a diluted candy flavour with the same consistency as ketchup.

Pho 125

Sauces can be taken right at the counter at the stall.

Pho 125 Beef Pho
Pho 125 Roasted Pork Cheese Sandwich

Clear soup is surprisingly lightly sweet, rather than an expected savoury flavour. Very herby with star anise being obvious strong taste, and having a lingering peppery kick. Onions are not pungent, and instead provided texture along with the beansprouts. Beef slices are mostly flavourless. Meatballs are soft and juicy with an almost tofu like texture. The sauces are interesting in combination with the soup, since it’s sweetness added unto sweetness.

Roasted Pork Cheese Sandwich (Banh Mi/Bánh Mì)- S$5 nett

Dissecting the Sandwich

Pho 125 Roasted Pork Cheese Sandwich

Cross section of the sandwich. Not the best meat to bun ratio, but a good amount of vegetables.

Pho 125 Roasted Pork Cheese Sandwich
Pho 125 Roasted Pork Cheese Sandwich

Another angle into the sandwich.

The carrots give a sort of tangy, sweet taste to the sandwich. Pork skin unfortunately isn’t as crispy as it can be. Cheese isn’t melty and gooey enough. Bread is crusty and felt good eating, and the overall texture of the sandwich is good sans the pork skin and cheese. However, flavour needed a bit more adjustment. There is a good contrasting flavours and textures in the sandwich, but I felt that the cheese used didn’t add much. While biting the sandwich I also noticed another element that wasn’t visually inspected at first.

Pho 125 Roasted Pork Cheese Sandwich

Digging dipper there seems to be a sort of meaty, thinly spreaded sauce that contributed a good savouriness to the sandwich. Unfortunately it isn’t given generously.


Pho 125

Vietnamese Stall is located at Circuit Road Hawk Center. Menu simple with only a few items.

Rating for Pho 125

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


The stall provided a different experience to hawker centers by bringing a little of Vietnam here, which is appreciated. That said, the food quality isn’t mind blowing nor did it make me feel like visiting Vietnam. A nice stall to visit if you’re in the area.


 Pho me, the noodles gave me everything I expected. Sandwich is a bit stingy on the meat, and I felt that more could be given and improved upon.

But I’m just a fat boi… What do other people think?

Circuit road hawker center doesn’t have many reviews across the internet. Right now it’s just a fat boi talking about Pho 125!

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