Popeye’s Aloha Rendang Chicken Review

Popeye’s Aloha Rendang Chicken Set Meal – S$8.90

  • 2 Pieces of Fried chicken with rendang sauce and pineapple plus onion bits
  • Nestle Cucumber Lemonade
  • Herbed Rice

I got it for takeaway, and it looks decent in the box. The pineapple bits (relish?) don’t look as crowded as in the promotional menu, but I can appreciate this amount.

First, I separated out the rice to test it. The rice is definitely a bit on the dry and hard side. Although the rendang sauce spilled over from the chicken, the rendang is also very pasty and isn’t liquidy, so it does not contribute to making the moisture better.

Sauce aside, it is lightly herbed and has more flavour than white rice, although it is not something memorable. I have never ate Popeye’s garlic rice before so I wonder if this is the same item, but this is lacking the fragrance I associate with garlic.

I used a fork and spoon to reveal the inside before tasting it, so this is not yet bitten. The batter is rather thick, and the process of frying has separated the batter and the meat to create a layer of space.

Batter is crunchy and flavourful and spicy with Popeye’s blend of spices. Meat is decent. Not perfectly juicy, but is tender. The rendang sauce is super spicy eaten on it’s own, but if you spread it apart and eat together with the chicken the spice level goes down a bit. It is the kind of spicy that eating small to medium sized chillis will give – a hot sensation will linger a bit on your mouth, and then you start sweating immediately. I do think that the spice covers up the flavours a little, but the taste of the rendang itself is creamy and full of flavour.

You can taste sweet pineapples on the bits on top with a mix of onions. I would prefer the onions being cooked more to give a more caramelised flavour. Mixed with the rendang, I don’t it adds much flavour wise.

The cucumber lemonade tastes A LOT like cucumber. Very refreshing and works very well to remove the spice from the chicken. But whether you would drink this again depends on how much you like cucumber.

Rating for Popeye’s Aloha Rendang Chicken Set meal

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


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Well, this set didn’t exactly bring me to Hawaii, and I remain unexcited about it.


While this is something I probably wouldn’t get again, I think it is a nice change of the usual 2 piece chicken. However, I am not a fan of pairing rice with fried chicken, and I am also not a fan of their rice.



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