[Rant?] KFC Zinger with pizza sauce, Spicy Potato Bites, Cheese Tart Review

Planning to eat KFC is a treat. It’s unhealthy, it’s oily, its crispy. You know its gonna be finger licking good. When I first saw a banner for KFC’s Zinger Mozzarella burger, I knew I had to plan it into my meals. The Colonel is smiling and waving to me like a drug dealer signalling to his homie. Shit, when’s the next meal I am allowed to be unhealthy? Is it tomorrow? Is it tomorrow yet?

Day of the operation. Plan’s simple. Go home. Take an additional bus stop after my house. Go to KFC. Order. Add cheese tart. Repeat order so they do not forget the cheese tart. Take a 10 to 15 minute walk home while singing the Pizza Mozzarella song. Do not forget hand gestures. Ignore any incoming weird stares. Send regards to Colonel Sanders.

OooO0oH It. Is. Time.
Sweeet spicy salty crispy jesussssss
I’m missing something

My research into the deep depths of the internet showed me evidence that the mozzarella does indeed exist (that forum thread got deleted somehow) in the Zinger Mozzarella burger. Therefore, I must be one of the few lucky customers to whom I was revealed the new secret menu item, the Zinger with Pizza Sauce.

Nevertheless, the show must go on.

I will be reviewing KFC’s new menu item; Zinger with Pizza sauce instead of the advertised Zinger Mozzarella.

The buns that KFC uses goes well with its chicken. It catches oil which basically flavours the bun and makes it taste good together. Chicken is crispy, with the classic zinger spice. Turkey bacon is nice and crispy, lettuce gives the whole bun just a little bit of freshness to it, but the crispy:freshness ratio is pretty lopsided you won’t notice the lettuce. The pizza sauce is of a sweeter profile, and definitely requires more balance of flavours. Tastes like it will go well with a certain salty dairy.

Rating for Zinger Mozzarella Burger


Rating for Zinger with Pizza Sauce:


I am willing to pizza quite a distance for mozzarella.


Honestly, what kind of pizza doesn’t have cheese??

Spicy Potato Bites

KFC Spicy Potato Bites
Interior of the KFC Spicy potato bites

Surprisingly the texture for these fried potatoes don’t hold up as well as the chicken for takeaway. The outside were not perfectly crisp but had a light soggy texture. I attribute this to potatoes not being drained of their oil properly. The texture on the inside is similar to that of nicely cooked hash browns. Tender, flesh-like potato meat. Although this is spiced with chilli and garlic, the spicy level is below that of the zinger. Flavour is delicious, but texture needs work.

Rating for Spicy Potato Bites

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


I am willing to walk down my house and a bit (5-10 minutes walk). Not bad.


As part of the meal, nothing to complain about.

I haven’t ordered it ala carte, but if this is the exact same portion for ala carte at $3.20, the portion would be rather small.

Cheese Tart

KFC Cheese tart
KFC Cheese tart with the custardy center

The tart crust has a very biscuit like, crumbly texture. Flavour could be enhanced more if they used more butter, but perhaps that’s enough dairy with the creamy custardy cream cheese filling. The cream cheese filling, as mentioned, is creamy and custardy. That’s both in texture and flavour. This of course means that the filling is probably not entirelyt made of cream cheese but is a mixture of cream cheese with eggs. Is it still delicious? Delightfully so. Just don’t expect the savoury profiles you get from eating pure cheese.

Rating for Cheese Tart


I am willing to walk down my house and a bit (5-10 minutes walk). Will also buy it if I happen to pass by a KFC.


Although the filling isn’t as cheesy as I hoped it would be, at $1.90 it is still a very decent price. It delivered more than my expectations for what I paid for.

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