Ritter Sport Espresso Review

Ritter Sport Espresso chocolate bar

With the disappointment of the disappearance of Chocopie and the catfishing by Magnum’s Double Chocolate bar, I still had to venture somewhere to get my chocolate fix. For the fortunate fat boi, Ritter Sport is a brand of chocolate that always seem to have special offers for their 100 gram, 4 by 4 grid chocolate bars. Usually they go for SGD$2.95, so that’s what I will be judging them based on.

There’s a somewhat neat instruction at the back; to open the package you can snap along the lines and open along the seam.

It worked!!!

Or well… it working is what Ritter Sport wants you to believe but it isn’t as simple as snapping the bar. You still have to put some sort of effort into opening the package like a normal plebeian, so really what the instruction allowed me to do is take a shot which I think looks pretty neat.

And by the way, if you can smell what I smelled, you already kind of expect the quality of the chocolate bar to be good. Just snapping the bar and opening the package gives a very strong fragrant, slightly bitter coffee aroma. I can’t tell you how good the coffee used to make this is, but it definitely smells better than the instant stuff I drink regularly. In fact, I might have to go ahead and toss them all out and buy a coffee machine to grind some high quality beans because the coffee smelled really fragrant.

The bar indeed tasted really good. Milky chocolate melted in my mouth with a very strong taste of coffee. The amalgamation of the flavours balances to create a semi-bitter, gooey sensation. There are more nuances of coffee, but the chocolate plays very well to enhance the fragrance of the coffee, and the coffee to the sweetness of the chocolate. If you don’t like coffee, you would probably dislike this. The snack counts more as a coffee-chocolate snack than a chocolate bar that is coffee flavoured. But to coffee lovers I fully recommend this.

It was so good, after a bite I started crossing my legs and grew a gentleman moustache. I was no longer a fat boi. I was a refined English gentleman clad in a well-fitted suit, a neatly placed bowler hat with a monocle appropriately rested on my left eye. Lifting my pinky as I brought the cup of coffee to my lips, I gently closed my eyes to focus on the aromas of the Arabica variety. I leaned back on my Fauteuil Chair. Hmm… exquisite. 

At this point perhaps you think I am high af and maybe you want some of the goods I’m smoking, but all I wanted to say is that this coffee-chocolate bar is delicious.

Rating for Ritter Sport Espresso

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


I would be willing to travel pretty far to get this. This blog says that the Espresso has been discontinued, which I can’t seem to find other confirmation for. But in the case that this is true I made a mental note to stock this flavour up the next time I see it.

I would even wear a bowler hat, monocle and moustache. Please don’t discontinue this.


I think this is fully worth more than the price I paid for. I would reveal what price I am willing to pay but I am afraid this means I get less chocolate when I actually buy it. Got what I expected and even more. Definitely would buy again.

But I’m just a fat boi, what do other people think?

Amazon  Majority of the user reviews gave it 5 stars. ALL reviews said it tasted great. In fact the only 1 star review (at the point of post) gave it 1 star cause of delivery issues for melting his/her favourite chocolate.

Chocolate University Online Not as good as the best, but deserves a high rating.

Eat Explore Etc Likes it. Sweet and balanced. Ate all of it.

New Treats 9/10. Normally prefers sweeter chocolate, but was addicted to this after. [Edit: It seems like the link is no longer working but the blogger is still active on Instagram]

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