Simple Apron Hamburg Steak Review

Simple Apron Hamburg Steak – S$8.90 U.P

  • Bought at a discount, S$6.23 from RedMart

Packaging came in a standard microwaveable packet and container. Two meatballs can clearly be seen here. The first impression is that even defrosted, the Hamburg is very hard. Having made Hamburg before, this feels too hard, almost like holding a tennis ball.

Instructions say to heat for 2-3 minutes per side for pan frying. Meat is already cooked, so all we’re doing is just reheating.

Sauce had a very thick consistency. I threw it onto my non-stick pan after heating up a little. The instructions said to pour contents into the pan, but the usual method for making recipes like this is to add in the sauce later.

Soon the sauce begins to bubble. While I don’t know the what is the better way for dealing with frozen sauces, I added a splash of water to prevent the sauce from burning.

Cutting up the meat shows a very dense meatball, which is unlike the juicy Hamburgs I had made before that had more air pockets and were lighter. Biting into them also confirmed the suspicion that the meat was indeed relatively hard to chew for a Hamburg steak. Other than that, the Hamburg steak itself had a good beefy flavor, despite the unexpected texture.

However, the apparent weakness in this product is the sauce. It is simply too sweet and salty. This would be less of a problem if you were to serve with rice, and even dilute the sauce a little bit with water in the cooking stage. However, if one were to simply follow the instructions, I can see most people giving up on this product, since either the sauce will burn or it will become too concentrated in flavor.

Nutritional Information

As far as ingredients go, there seems to be quite a lot of wholefood ingredients that can be expected to be found in normal Hamburg steaks. Not very impressive since there are still additional ingredients, but otherwise this is a pretty good ingredient list.

With the sauce being so dense in flavor, I would have expected the nutritional information to be worse. However, the nutritional information is actually pretty good! Sodium levels are a little bit higher, but it shouldn’t pose a problem unless you are on a low-sodium diet. I also suspect a lot of the sodium to come from the sauce, which IMO should be a little less concentrated, thus reducing the sodium content a little.

Rating for Simple Apron Hamburg Steak with Hamburg Sauce

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.

While a very nicely packaged product, it isn’t that good of a Hamburg steak. I wouldn’t replace this for home-cooked. The meat simply just doesn’t get the texture quite right here.


That said, the people who might want to buy this anyway will find that the price is reasonable. Hamburg steak isn’t hard to make, but it is a little bit more troublesome and might require more cleanup than a simple steak.

But I’m Just a Fat Boi… What do other people think?

RedMart has 2 reviews. Both like it. No other reviews available.

The product is from the company SL Foods.

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