Tesco Chocolate Fudge Cake – Decent but a tad expensive

Tesco Chocolate Fudge Cake – S$8.95 (bought at discounted S$6.95)

Contains only the cake in a aluminium (I assume) container. What is interesting is that the package instructions is only for microwave, so if you do use the microwave you probably need to remove this container. You might not be able to see it from this angle, but the ganache is rather thick, so I’m expecting it to melt and flow down later.

From what I can tell, the cake is already cooked, from both appearance and touching, since the cake is rather springy even when straight out of the freezer.

The package clearly only had instructions for microwave. So I did what any sane person would do and used my toaster oven instead. I would say that I did that because you got to live sometimes, but it’s because I don’t have a microwave. #LiveDangerously

I used a setting of 170C for about 12 to 15 minutes.

The package says there’s 6 servings, so I cut it into 6 pieces. Width wise, it is a decent serving size, but the height is a bit lacking. I would say it’s probably about 4 normal servings.

With a generous ganache coating, you can see that the coating is flowing down after cutting, which is as expected.

For the sake of science, we have to take another shot to see how the cake actually looks like without the ganache.

Looks wise, really nothing to complain about and looks pretty accurate to the box.

An entire bite gives a very rich chocolatey taste from the ganache, and a very moist but decently dense texture from the cake. The taste of the cake is however lacking. Although it looks pretty chocolatey, it doesn’t taste like it, and sort of tastes like buttery bread or plain cake.

Rating for Tesco Chocolate Fudge Cake

I rate food based on how far I am willing to travel, as well as whether I think the price I paid for it justifies it. You can read more about why here.


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Well, this isn’t something that makes me go “Oh my gawd! It’s the Tesco Chocolate Fudge cake!” or anything like that.


While there is little to fault of this product, I would probably be more willing to buy a cheaper cake from a bakery, or if the supermarket is large enough to have a bakery section, I would probably prefer to buy one there. At $8.95, it is just a tad expensive.

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