World Food Fair 2018 Singapore

Picture dumping post for World Food Fair 2018 Singapore, visited on 31st August 2018. Also ate some food, and wrote an opinion section at the bottom.

What is it (as advertised)

World Food Fair 2018 Banner, 30 Aug to 2 Sep, Singapore Expo Hall 5
Banner as stolen from their website

World Food Fair 2018 is the 15th edition of World Food Fair, a food exhibition housing hundreds of local and international food establishments, including vendors/companies from Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Europe for this year.

It is located at Singapore Expo Hall 5, and runs from 30 August 2018 to 2 September 2018. Opened 11 am to 10 pm. Admission is free.

You get the chance to participate in lucky draws after spending certain amounts, with S$35,000 worth of prizes up for grabs.

World Food Fair 2018 Singapore Spend & Win or lucky draw

Additionally, there is also a stage programme showing live music performances, cooking demos, or product presentations.

More promotions and vendor lists can be found here.

What the Fat Boi Ate

Stall I bought Beijing duck from, World Food Fair 2018 Singapore
Beijing duck or Peking duck, World Food Fair 2018 Singapore

Beijing Duck or Peking Duck – S$5

One more roll was supposed to be in the picture, but I ate it. Decent, though duck skin wasn’t crispy.

Stall I bought Chee Cheong Fun and Braised Pork Bun from, World Food Fair 2018 Singapore
West Lake Braised Pork & Bun, and Zha Jiang Chee Cheong Fun, World Food Fair 2018 Singapore

Braised Pork & Bun 扣肉包 (Top right) – S$2.90

Zha Jiang Chee Cheong Fun 炸酱猪肠粉 (Bottom left) – S$3.50

Braised Pork & Bun is delicious. Chee Cheong Fun is too salty, and I couldn’t really taste much of the pork despite there being very visible bits of meat.

Stall I bought Satay from, World Food Fair 2018 Singapore
Chicken and mutton Satay, World Food Fair 2018 Singapore

Chicken and Mutton Satay – S$5.80

Meat and sauce were decent, but Ketupat was crumbly instead of staying in shape, and cold.

Mashed Yam with Gingko Nuts (Orh Ni) and Almond Paste, World Food Fair 2018 Singapore

Mashed Yam with Gingko Nuts (Orh Ni) and Almond Paste – S$2 each

Black Sesame Paste, World Food Fair 2018 Singapore

Black Sesame Paste – S$2

The 3 desserts above were 3 for S$5.

Store I bought Ice Cream from, World Food Fair 2018 Singapore
Ice Cream from dr. MCT at World Food Fair 2018 Singapore

Coconut and Matcha Ice Cream – S$5 per cup

  • S$7 for 2 cups
  • For some reason they gave additional discount, so it was S$3 for 1 cup and S$5 for 2 cups ^.^

Best thing I ate here today. They also gave a small packet of popcorn.

Picture Dumpster

The Fat Boi’s Experience

When something is called a World Food Fair, my expectations would be that food is a central theme of the exhibition and that food from all around the world can be found to be showcased. After walking around for a good 3 to 4 hours, my impression was that World Food Fair is a complete misnomer, and it should be called “Asian Food-related things and other non-food stuff exhibition”.

Most people, from my observation, who come to this exhibition are old people, or families, and a very small percentage are foreigners who happen to be here. I have to wonder if the exhibition is the result of catering to the audience, or the exhibition being the state as it is now that resulted in the audience being primarily older people.

Almost all, if not all, of the products are Asian, and there is little to no Western vendors (I did spot a small stall selling alcohol of some sort, and that’s all).

There are also A LOT of health products being sold, even if they are in some way made of edible ingredients that can be used in cooking. But the worst case of this misnomer is the existence of vendors such as Great Eastern (Insurance) and SPH (media company) who do have little relation to FOOD. Even beauty products, such as face masks, managed to find their way into this convention. It did not feel like a food fair, although there were a lot of food product vendors.

I do not have anything against the vendors or organizers. World Food Fair 2018 is probably enjoyable and a great event for the targeted audience and organizers. But for anyone who is looking for an actual World Food Fair where you can learn about international cuisines, techniques, ingredients, or eat a variety of delicious food you have yet discovered, you are looking at the wrong place.

However, I do have to give a shout out to dr. MCT. Although they are primarily selling a health product, they were the best at making their stand relevant to the food fair (well, my ideal version of a food fair) by actually selling FOOD made using said products.

dr. MCT , World Food Fair 2018 Singapore
Ice Cream from dr. MCT at World Food Fair 2018 Singapore

I cannot vouch for anything about the MCT Oil they are selling, and I am not sold entirely on the health benefits, but the Ice Cream and Popcorn they made were truly delicious, and were a great way to promote the product while being relevant. dr. MCT also sells coffee. Though, the downside of eating near the stand is that a salesperson would blabber about MCT Oil…

Also shout out to House of Seafood for my thumbnail.

Giant Crab Balloon, World Food Fair 2018 Singapore
In case you somehow missed it above

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