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Almond Pudding


  • 1 Litre Almond Milk from above
  • 12 g Agar Powder or according to package instructions


  • Osmanthus syrup to taste
  • Gojiberries garnish


  • Add in agar powder and heat for 5 minutes.
  • Pour almond pudding mixture into a container, straining through a mesh strainer once more. Remove bubbles on the top using a spoon.
  • Cool and refrigerate until it sets. (Several hours.)
  • When serving, pair with fruits or osmanthus syrup.
  • For my picture: I place gojiberries into hot water for 15 minutes. Mix 2 Tbsp of osmanthus syrup with some water (to taste). Place cubes of almond tofu unto plate, then pour osmanthus syrup and place gojiberries on top.