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Chocolate Snowed in a Town in Switzerland Due to Factory Defe

Local reports in Olten, a town in Switzerland, confirmed on Tuesday that the ventilation system at a chocolate factory for the Lindt & Spruengli company malfunctioned and caused fine cocoa powder to snow in recent days. These fine cocoa powder are basically crushed cocoa beans.

So as magical as this sounds, the reality is probably not as fun as you might imagine. If you experienced chocolate raining it might not exactly be a good idea to open your mouth and taste the chocolate because it’s gonna be bitter as hell. 

Strong winds on Friday morning had caused the powder to spread in the vicinity. 

Lindt & Spruengli has offered to pay for any cleaning needed, though nobody has taken up the offer yet. 

According to them, the particles are completely harmless to people and the environment. The defect is now fixed and factory production continues as normal. 

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